Studio Ardete’s design transformed this metal profile cutting store in a Northern Indian city into an art exhibition that beautifully showcases the works produced inside.  They aimed to reignite interest in the art by redefining it with a modern edge.  To do this, the design showcases applications of water Jet CNC cutting in architecture.

You enter the shop through a beautiful door that hints at the wares inside, with contemporary metal art touches in copper and brass.  A mix of other materials, including glass, light steel, and wood add layers to the door that create a more complex and interesting design.


Door in detail

The 970-square foot space is divided into four areas with distinct color schemes and themes.  For example, the first room is meant to feel like an outdoor night garden with black and grey tones and stainless steel.  You walk through a partition of cut metal into a room that has a more traditional Indian look with purple accents.  The two other spaces offer the shop owners a workshop and sleeping quarters. [Photography by Love Sharma courtesy of Architect Magazine and information courtesy of Studio Ardete]

3D View






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