Master bedroom should be the most and favorite bedroom for the homeowners. You must choose the right color to fit your master bedroom. Popular colors such as white, black, and brown are mostly used by the people. You can absolutely use your favorite color to be your bedroom color. Some of us, especially a lady, like sweet colors such as pink, purple, and blue. The furniture placement can be just how you like. You should consider combining purple with other colors that will not make your bedroom boring. The following are some lovely purple master bedroom ideas that will inspire you to choose a color scheme for your bedroom.

An Elegant Purple Master Bedroom

Why not making an elegant purple bedroom that will make you feel comfortable and gorgeous? This elegant purple bedroom offers a nice bed with elegant features such as the chandelier, the bed canopy, velvet purple color, patterned wallpapers, a bench, and the nightstands.

A Bedroom with Stunning Effect

You can have a garden feeling in your bedroom with purple and green combination. This bedroom looks so beautiful as like seeing some flowers in the garden. It features purple walls, flowers patterned bedding, a green bed, and a green textured rug.

Patterns for A Purple Master Bedroom

A brave choice of color is used to form a dramatic look in your bedroom incorporating pattern and texture. Although this bedroom has many patterns, it doesn’t bother the look.

Beautiful Features

This purple bedroom has some beautiful features such as patterned wallpaper, pendant lights, and the nightstands. The yellow bed and tufted headboard have a pop color that makes this bedroom fun.

Quality Over Quantity

The colors on the walls are great. You can have orange zig zag that breaks up the purple solid on the bedroom wall.

purple master bedroom orange lighting red side table white bedding mediterranean area rug unique armchair white ceiling

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A DIY Wall Decor for Bedroom

Wall decor is needed to enhance the beauty of your purple bedroom. You can make some wall decor with some thick wires and finish it with rustic colors.

Beautiful Purple Curtains

This bedroom offers a bed, white high headboard, a black rack, white side table, a table lamp, and a seating area. The purple curtain with its placement can hide the windows and the bench well.

Pop Colors for A Purple Bedroom

Purple is very meditative and spiritual. Therefore, a purple bedroom can be a great place for relaxation. You can work in some bold colors with the right lighting. In this purple bedroom, it is fun with the colorful stripes and blue accents.

A Contemporary Purple Bedroom

This bedroom is really beautiful. It features purple walls, purple ceiling, purple bedding, purple headboard, and purple chair. The patterned rug, a mirrored gold side table, and the blue nightstands are unique for this bedroom. The lighting fixtures are the wall sconce, ceiling pendant, and a table lamp.

A Pretty Bedroom

Purple and white color combination will create a pretty looking bedroom. This bedroom has a white bed, white nightstands, windows, a white desk, a white chair, and white shag rug.



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