diy breakfast in bed table

diy breakfast in bed table

One of the best little pleasures in life has to be breakfast in bed. What’s not to love? I don’t indulge in it often enough but when I do, it feels as good as getting the royal treatment.

I used to use a tray to eat in bed but then I thought it would be nice to take this up a notch by making a diy breakfast in bed table.

Not only is this table handy for breakfast in bed but it’s also works as a table to place your laptop on and work from your bed. A bit decadent, but oh so nice especially on those cold, cold days. Now, I can often be found working from my bed and it’s exactly where I’m typing this post from.

diy breakfast in bed tray table

DIY Breakfast in bed table

7 x pine stripwood 15x36x900mm (0.6×1.4×35.4 inches approx)
3 x pine stripwood 21x21x900mm (0.8×0.8×35.4 inches approx)
tape measure, ruler and pencil
strong wood glue

breakfast in bed tray diy

I’ve given you the specific dimensions I used, but you can make it whatever size you like.

1. Cut your 7 wider pine stripwoods to size. The wider stripwood will form the table top. I cut the these down to 55cms (21.6 inches approx) which was the length of my table.

2. Next cut the 3 square stripwoods which will form the legs of the table. You’ll need to cut 4 strips to 29cms (11.4 inches approx) and 4 strips to 18cms (7 inches approx).  You’ll end up with 8 pieces of these – 4 shorter and 4 longer ones to make up each leg of the table.

3. Once all the pieces are cut, sand down the rough edges until you get a very smooth, flat finish on all the edges but especially on the 8 pieces that will make up the legs.

4. To make the legs, take 2 short and 2 long square stripwood pieces and glue them together. Make sure to use the longer piece for the top and bottom of the legs and the shorter pieces for the sides. This is a bit fiddly as you have to make sure that the 4 pieces sit together at right angles – I found it easiest to glue the 2 sides on to the bottom, leave for a few minutes to set and then glue on the top. Leave to dry completely, for as long as it says on your wood glue.

5. Now for the table top,  place your wider pine stripwoods on top of the legs and mark out where each one will go. I placed mine about 6mm apart – this is what it worked out to fit them equally spaced on the legs. Then glue them on – it’s best to glue the 2 end pieces first and leave them to dry for an hour so so, as that will hold the legs in place. Then glue on the other slats and leave it all to dry for another 24 hours or as long as your wood glue says.

wooden breakfast in bed table

diy breakfast in bed table

breakfast in bed table diy

This is the table I turn to for all those times when you don’t feel like getting out of bed but you have deadlines looming. Well now you can stay in bed without the guilt (if you work from home of course)!

laptop bed table diy

easy diy breakfast in bed table

make a breakfast in bed

This easy diy breakfast in bed table will take your breakfasts in bed to another level.  I’ve also found it handy as a spare table around the house.  As it’s made with wood glue, I don’t recommend putting heavy weights on it but it’s more than sturdy enough for breakfast, laptops, mags, plants etc.

diy breakfast in bed table

I know I’m going to be having many breakfasts in bed, especially during the Christmas holidays. Who’s with me?

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