LOREKFORM Shares Their First Lighting Series

LOREKFORM is a new Brooklyn-based studio, founded in 2018 by Erin Lorek, that thrives on celebrating the many qualities of light. Together with a small team of artists and makers from across the country, LOREKFORM creates simple objects from honest materials. The first series – The Beacon and The Half Beacon – celebrate the beauty of imperfection and clean lines.

The modular lighting pieces are simple, organic forms strung by a lone wire that removes all distractions and makes each fixture easily adjustable. When it comes to creating the lens, layers of texture result in an iron surface that’s perfectly distressed before being immersed in glass. The piece both collects as well as refracts the light that catches it. There are three lens choices – MESH resembles sunlight, JERSEY lamplight, and IRON daylight.

Hanging Ring with Cable Gripper