Long curly hair

Beautiful curly hair – decoration for every woman. Of course, long strands less convenient to care for than short, but they look more luxurious compare to waterfall of hair.

Длинные вьющиеся волосыHowever, the owner of natural curly hair are almost always unhappy with their hair, and all due to the fact that curly hair tangles easily among themselves, they are not only hard to comb, but also to lay. In today’s article we will talk about how to style long curly hair, and also discuss some of the nuances of care.

Many hairdressers admit that long wavy hair is a serious work for their owner. The longer wavy hair, the harder it is to lay and even more to comb. In addition, long hair makes a lot of stress on the roots, stimulating hair loss. And while many experts recommend cutting wavy hair to mid-shoulder or keep them as short as possible to resist the temptation to have long luxurious hair. It’s a real treasure. Dream about almost every woman. Actually, the curls very quickly bored, according to statistics, almost 40% of women with curly hair dream of straight strands.

Длинные вьющиеся волосыProfessional hairdressers recommend that women with fine Curly hair is to paint strand. The main secret of this Council lies in the protective layer to the hair that creates hair color. It not only tightens the hair until the cuticle but also allows them to buy glitter. If you prefer not to dye your hair, pay attention to the lamination process of the hair biological or herbal materials.

To wavy hair always looked beautiful, trichologists recommend to clean them 1 time a day. Hair wash with massage will increase the blood flow to the scalp which will encourage hair growth. Cleansing is an important step for curly hair that quickly become dirty. And pollution hair produces bacteria and dandruff. Just remember, the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees Celsius.

To style curly hair experts recommend using a locking means with a light texture. This may be a classic sprays to the hair and light mousses. You need to focus on the roots of the hair, during blow-drying, slightly lift the roots to create extra volume. Styling products apply only to the roots, leaving the remaining strands without mousse.

This will create a harmonious hairstyle without weighing the hair roots. Curly hair can be more dry than thin and straight hair. As a result, the probability of appearance of split hair ends and dandruff. To wavy hair looked beautiful throughout the day, use the spray with thermal water, which not only moisturize the strands but also the scalp.

Vitamins for curly hair

Длинные вьющиеся волосыThat hair looked beautiful and had a natural Shine, experts recommend regular trichologists to drink a complex of vitamins and minerals. Individual prescription by a doctor based on the condition of your hair and skin. We list the most important vitamins for the health of curly hair.

Vitamin B-9, known as folic acid, is the most important vitamin for curly hair, especially colored or gray. Curly hair tends to lose natural Shine faster than straight hair. This effect experts explain dry wavy strands. Folic acid can prevent premature aging of hair and the appearance of gray hair. The daily consumption rate is an average of 700 micrograms of vitamin. A deficiency of vitamins B-1, B-2 and B-12 can cause disturbances of metabolic processes in the cells of the hair follicle. First, the hair start to grow bad, and then observed hair thinning.

Длинные вьющиеся волосыNote the complex B vitamins (B-1, B-2 and B 12). Vitamin E plays an important role in the formation of hair follicles. Vitamin E helps to make hair strong at the cellular level, the daily rate for healthy hair is 180 IU.

Hairstyles for long curly hair

Leading hairdressers recommend to create on curly hair free hairstyles that do not aggravate the roots, and do not injure the ends. This year experts in style recommend to pay attention to the loose braids with a casual effect. Often many women today are creating a French braid, they not only look beautiful but also create a romantic image. Collect loose braids hairdressers recommend on the side, this fashionable trend of the season.

For formal events it is better to choose a special hairstyle, for example, in the Greek style. The image of the Greek goddess intriguing and fascinating.Длинные вьющиеся волосы

If you want a unique hairstyle that complement her original hair accessory, for example, a fancy hat or a romantic flower.
Like any other hair, curly strands can be collected in high styling. This is a great alternative for office hairstyles for each day. Long hair can be put in a shell or create a luxurious tuft of hair.

Well, if you did not have enough time to create fashion styling, choose a classic boho hairstyle with stacked lateral strands at the nape. All you need is to take two small strands of hair on both sides of the head and gather them at the nape. Thus, hair will not interfere at all day long, and luxurious hair will make the image bright and memorable!