by Kathleen Ballos

Have you ever noticed that mini pill cases come in the best colors? I couldn’t help but turn them into something more fun: these lollipop favor necklaces! If you’re having a candy themed party, these would be perfect on a dessert table or as a goodbye favor.


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lollipop.necklaces.step6Lollipop Favor Necklaces | Oh Happy Day!

Supplies: String, round pill cases, candies, scissors, coffee stir sticks, hot glue gun.

Step 1: Cut 1 3/4″ pieces off of the coffee stir sticks.
Step 2: Use a hot glue gun to attach the stir stick to the opening side of the pill case. (If you find this bond too fragile, you can use clear tape to attach the stick to the back of the pill case instead.)
Step 3: Fill the pill cases with candy!
Step 4: Cut a length of string about 26″ long and tie the two ends together forming a loop. With the pill case open, place the center of the string over the plastic hinge and close the case.
Step 5: Repeat!

Lollipop Favor Necklaces | Oh Happy Day!Lollipop Favor Necklaces | Oh Happy Day!