Living room update with MYCS

You might remember German design brand MYCS from when I showed you their customised black marble side table I had made for our bedroom a year ago. This piece is still one of my favorite pieces and has found a place in my living room in the new apartment as well (you can see it in this Instagram picture).

I was so excited to be giving my living room a spring update with some of their products and love how this new look has turned out. I selected a set of their coffee tables as the center of this look and customised them in different heights and wood tints. I picked out a walnut and oak finish for the tables, which matches very nicely with the natural warm tint of the flooring in my living room.

To match the coffee tables, I selected a series of throw pillows in different colors and materials. I went for a grey and green velvet pillow in different sizes combined with two neutral textiles that are different in texture. I’m in love with all the textures, materials and colors in this setup and think this is such a great way to give your space a little spruce up. Pillows are the easiest way to update a space without breaking the bank and adding just a small pop of color (like the green velvet in this case) can transform the look of a room immediately.

The coffee tables came flat packed, yet were super easy and quick to assemble and I love that they can be moved to other areas as a side table or bedside table. As you might know from previous posts, I like to move things around in my home and keep finding new arrangements so these versatile pieces come in very handy.

This blogpost was created in collaboration with MYCS, however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like to know more about the brand and their designs, go visit their website or have a look at their inspiration section to get ideas on how to customise your own home.

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