Living room stills - via Coco Lapine Design blog _MG_1759

These are some stills I shared from our living room on Instagram this week and I keep thinking I want to change this room up a little bit. I have so many ideas and need to draw them all out so I can decide what comes first.

Painting the walls is high on my priorities list and when I asked this question on Instagram you almost unanimously mentioned a light beige/grey mixture, which I can totally see as well. I think a wall lamp on top of the sofa would look great and I’m looking to replace my carpet for something more velvet looking. Any tips would be highly appreciated.

So many things on my list, but I love to take it slow and to see step by step what I like in the setting and what I don’t.  The prints you can see here are the Mountain ABC and Circular Watercolor in case you were wondering.

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