Nobody enjoys a dated, listless living space.

There’s no excuse for last century’s style stuff-ups to still grace your home. It’s easier than ever to give your home the modern makeover of your dreams, with the tools to pre-plan and create at your fingertips.

Here are some ideas to get you going; five ways to transform your interiors, with style!

Light Up My Life

Lighting has the ability to warm up, cool down, and change the mood of a space instantly. It can be overt (think of a fluorescent light) or more subtle (a diffuse lamp). It can come in many sizes, and be fit into all budgets.

A great way to integrate smart lighting into your decor is to choose a space to highlight – such as the dining table. A dining pendant light adds a playfulness and sense of occasion to your dining table, while providing ambient, comfortable lighting. Lighting which suits its purpose and adds to the aesthetic of its surrounds is your best choice – always buy the lighting to suit the space. 

Paint A Pretty Picture

Artwork and other personal aesthetic touches add a sense of warmth and timelessness to your home. They can elevate an otherwise bland and unremarkable space into one of great beauty and enjoyment. Artwork can be as simple as homemade handicraft (think macrame, cross-stitch and children’s drawings) to something as longed-for and exclusive as a gallery print. It can be large and statement-making, or it can be intricate and part of a larger story.

A cheap, personal and enjoyable way to bring your home to life is through the printing and presentation of your own photos. If you have any particularly well-framed and well-composed photos which you’re wanting to display, why not make these the focal point of a room? Large format printing and framing is quite affordable, and the reward of having your own work on the walls in well worth the outlay.

Climbing Up The Walls

A time-tested and easy way to liven up a room (or a whole house) is through the use of paint.

Tinned paints are easier to apply than ever, and come in an unending range of shades. The trick to getting a room, or a house, tinted to your taste is to consider what your level of ongoing maintenance tolerance is likely to be.

If you’re the type of person who occasionally enjoys DIY and getting your hands dirty, then your level of freedom for paint choices is going to be greater than someone who only wants to paint every 10 years or so. For someone wanting minimum maintenance for maximum return, paint choices in classic shades (optical white, bone, ivory and charcoal) may provide the best return on (time) investment.

Taste The Floor

Don’t underestimate the impact a good flooring choice can have upon a house and the overall feel of the decor. Whether you’ve got floorboards, carpet or tiles underfoot, there’s a stylish and right-for-option available.

First, it’s important to think practically about how you use your space. If you have pets or young children, tiled common areas can be a practical and easily maintained option – think European styles like terrazzo, or more decorative Spanish, Portuguese and Moorish accents). If you’ve got a classic home with warm accents and more timeless decor, floorboards are a classy option. A modern way to keep floorboards moving with your style is to consider their colour and finish. Floorboards can be painted almost any colour and provide a visual impact not to be underestimated.

Walk On The Wild Side

Indoor plants are the easiest way to bring a bit of wilderness into your home.

A well-cared for plant rewards you with fresh air, fresh colour, and a hint of modernity. There are many suitable options available for every space; small succulents for apartments, ferns for a mid-sized terrace, and gargantuan fiddle-leaf figs for spacious houses. Thing about the size of your space and how you want the plant to occupy this space. Buy the plant to suit the space, and not the other way around.

Transforming your house into a space which feels good to be in is easier than ever.

Take the time to evaluate your style, budget and any practical considerations before procuring any material items. With a greater understanding of your own space and needs, you’ll be well on the way to a more functional, enjoyable household.

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