The Secret Garden project is a bright and uplifting modern family home located in Rome, Italy, designed by Maurizio Giovannoni. The homeowners’ initial brief called for a redistribution of space to accommodate their lively family, including an open plan living room, a private home office, a personalised room for each of their two children, and the instatement of a terrace door from the master bedroom. Bold colour became the integral aspect in the renewal and recharge of the family home interior, with dynamic colour combinations creating upbeat contrast in every direction. An invigorating connection to nature was planted via a faux “secret garden”, observed through a fun porthole window in the home office.

Photographer: Stefano Corso   

The tv wall decor is the first thing you notice as a standout feature of the family living room. A wood slatted bench has been built beside, and around, a regular TV stand to form one integrated modern piece. The warm wood, along with vibrant yellow accents and a colourful book collection bring sunshine to the north-facing room.

A unique pendant light design with an attached hanging planter drops a pretty green accent over a cheerful dandelion yellow throw pillow.

The yellow accent travels onto graphic print sofa cushions and into an exquisite set of coloured glass dining room pendant lights.

A racetrack shaped dining table comfortably seats the whole family and a couple of guests at dinner.

A sage green accent wall differentiates the dining area from the lounge in the open concept.

The cool green paintwork clashes right up against a fiery red statement wall, which bleeds through from the glass wall kitchen. The glazed partition allows the windowless dining area to receive additional natural light.

You can recreate this full dining room look with the Balance Table by Extendo, Scandinavian style chairs by the Danish brand Hay, and bespoke hammered Murano glass chandeliers by Zafferano.

The dining wall remains intentionally bare so as not to compete with the spectacle of coloured glass pendants.

A unique fruit bowl brings colour to the table.

Quirky artwork adds character against the red kitchen wall.

In this project, typical colour rules are discarded. Instead, focus is placed on the emotion that the colour combinations evoke.

The kitchen’s glass walls are maneuverable, sound-proof Anaunia panels.

Anaunia glass doors were selected in order to eliminate floor runners and visual interruptions of the glass.

With the red kitchen’s glass wall retracted, the kitchen table becomes the physical divide between the culinary prep zone and the larger living room.

Modern globe pendant lights descend on the kitchen table, and illuminate two more intriguing works of art.

The open flow keeps the family interacting and connecting, even when partaking in different activities in different areas.

Green kitchen wall units repeat the colour clash with the red paintwork. A set of built-in kitchen shelves display colourful ceramics.

A black wireframe fruit bowl complements the black kitchen chairs and a sleek black chimney extractor unit.

In the master, a dreamy woodland mural interacts with a tonal blue bedroom scheme.

A dusky red bedroom chair makes warm contradiction with the cool blue palette. Bedroom pendant lights combine the colour combo by the bedside.

All joinery in the home has been designed to conceal appliances and shelves within a system of oak slatted panelling. In the bedroom, oak staves build a unique bedside cabinet and headboard design. A retro style radio places a powder blue accent onto the custom designed woodwork.

A wooden vanity unit takes the oak accent into a blue and red bathroom scheme. A punchy matte black faucet fills the vessel bathroom sink.

More matt black bathroom fixtures take the dark accent theme into the shower space.

Black-framed racetrack mirrors twin over the double sink bathroom vanity. A muted red ceiling caps the cool blue corridor of paint and tile.

The home office leads directly off the family room, but is separated by more sound-proof glass panel doors. A custom-made oak desk and bespoke oak shelves warm the solid mint green interior. Next to it, a theatrical faux “royal” garden is created with wallpaper by Conceptuwall.

A fun porthole window in the home office partition wall establishes a magical connection with the secret garden, giving the workspace an inspiring view.

In the first of the two kids’ bedrooms, forest wallpaper by Conceptuwall creates another nature inspired space. Cube shelves and a modern bedside table pull in oak accents.

Bright yellow elements give the room a cheery disposition.

A double workspace allows the kids to do their homework together. See more ideas for shared kids’ rooms.

The second kid’s room is an electric blue vision.

Neon wall lights glow against the solid blue bedroom wall.

A partition wall has been fashioned to include a small bookcase behind the headboard, and to separate off a music area. Wild graffiti art announces the change of pace behind a drum kit.

The second, smaller shower room in the home is a powder blue space with black fixtures and striking monochromatic tile.

Entry to the small terrace can still be made off the main living room, but is now also accessible from the master bedroom. Blue geometric floor tiles flood indoors from the terrace to increase its perceived size. Blue outdoor chairs and gardening equipment playfully expand on the colour theme.

Floor plan.

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