Yesterday, the gates to the world’s most important decor and design fair opened and we had a great time bringing you the highlights from the first day of Salone Del Mobile 2016. Today it is time to shift focus and delve into the amazing world of EuroCucina – a magical universe that brings to you cutting-edge kitchens and latest trends in kitchen design. And as always, we give you a front row seat to the absolute best with Live Reporting by Alex Ion from Milan –

EuroCucina 2016, Salone del Mobile - Live Highlights from Milan

Simply Steininger!

[16:50] The bare essentials is what the kitchen design from Steininger epitomizes and finished in high quality wood and steel, this is another treat for those who wish to go down the minimal path. With ample storage space and hidden compartments expect a few surprises as you explore these fab kitchen islands.

Astounding minimal kitchen island design - Steininger

Pure and minimal kitchen island design from SteiningerSteininger kitchen islands at EroCucina 2016Closer look at the minimal kitchen islands from Steininger

Ernestomeda: A Tailor-Made Treat

[16:25] Ernestomeda is all about the very best in the world of kitchen and the organized brilliance of the likes of Barrique kitchen on display at this year’s EuroCucine [romise to leave you mesmerized. With a variety of textures, styles and a dazzling array of bespoke kitchen compositions, Ernestomeda unravels a world of endless possibilities.

Ernestomeda at EuroCucina 2016

Ernestomeda kitchen designs showcased at EuroCucina 2016Gorgeous modern kitchen design by Ernestomeda at EuroCucina 2016Innovative kitchens from Ernestomeda at EuroCucina 2016Rustic overtones and weathered surfaces make a splash at the Ernestomeda standTome to think about your kitchen storage needs - Ernestomeda at EuroCucina 2016Wooden service station for te marble kitchen islandCondensing your kitchen workspace and sink  into a smaller areaErnestomeda at EuroCucina 2016, Milan

RiFRA – It’s a Milan Affair!

[16:12] You would have heard of the ‘Italian Job’ before, but as soon as you enter the RiFRA stand, you are told about the ‘all Milan job’. Basically, this means everything you see from RiFRA is produced from their world-class facility right here in Milan. Of course, the company is as much about fabulous bathrooms as it is about elegant Italian kitchens and a whole lot more… Intriguing indeed!

Beautiful kitchen inspiration from RiFRA

Nifty island design with a stainless steel sinkRiFRA at EuroCucina 2016Catering to both home and commercial needs with eas - RiFRA

Snaidero: Evergreen Italian Finesse

[15:49] Surely, no one who even casually follows the world of interior design can claim to be unaware of brand Snaidero. One of our personal favorites, they deliver every single time and with the practical and beautiful Opera kitchen by Michele Marcon, they once again managed to turn heads at this year’s EuroCucina. Of course, that should barely come as a surprise to those who know and love Snaidero.

Snaidero at EuroCucina 2016

Refined and classic kitchen from SNaidero at EuroCucina 2016Smart modern kitchen by SnaideroElegant contemporary kitchen island in whiteOpera kitchen by Michele Marcon

Toncelli: Kitchen Island from Fossil Wood!

[15:37] Fossilized wood turned into a smart kitchen island that is the story which will sweep you off your feet and leave you with lasting memories at the Toncelli stand. It is wonderful story filled with passion, precision and of course that rare spark of creative genius – something we come to expect from world class Italian design. A special island for a special EuroCucina!

One of a kind kitchen island from fossil wood byToncelli

Fosslized wood turned into a fabulous kitchen island by ToncelliGive your kitchen island a geometric twist with the Toncelli stoolsKitchen island steals the show at this Toncelli displayOpen wooden kitchen shelves geometric stools from ToncelliToncelli at EuroCucina 2016Fossil wood from Serbia used by Toncelli to create unique kitchen islands

Dica – Clean Minimalism

[15:19] From all the splendor of stainless steel and the marvel of futuristic kitchen designs we step into the world of Dica. Simple, straight lines, a clean, minimal design approach and of course a promise of top-notch quality from Spain, Dica is for those who adore modern minimalism. From vertical pantry designs to refined use of wood, these kitchens do seem a tad bit inspired by traditional Japanese form. But there is plenty more to it than meets the eye!

Dica at EuroCucina 2016

Clean straight lines of the kitchen add to its minimal appealKitchen organizational solutions from DicaMinimal kitchen and decor design from DicaA touch of Japanese minimalism take over Italian style at this EuroCucina stand!Black coupled with light wooden tones inside the Kitchen from Dica

ArcLinea – Gorgeously Green and Revolutionary

[15:08] Tomorrow’s kitchen is what greets you at the Arclinea stand and you will be soon find yourself in what seems like a design from another dimension. Combining gen-next aesthetics with a love for all things green, the PRINCIPIA by Antonio Citterio is the star of the show here. Bridging the gap between the outdoors and the interior and fitting into the current trend of smart kitchens connected with the landscape, this is another must-see at this year’s EuroCucina.

Create a seamless interface between the exterior and indoors with the Principia kitchen from Arclinea

Astounding PRINCIPIA kitchen  design by Antonio CitterioPrincipia by  Antonio Citterio on display at EuroCucina 2016Gen-next kitchen PRINCIPIA by Antonio CitterioFuturistic Italian kitchen with a healthy does of greenery

Alf DaFre and Valdesign

[14:40] Talk about creating a seamless interface between the kitchen and the living space! Alf DaFre and Valdesign accomplish this even while turning the kitchen into the heart and soul of your contemporary residence. A perfect gathering spot for the family, a place to explore many tastes and aromas and of course a space where technology is coupled with everlasting design to make your life a lot easier! All this wrapped in Italian goodness is what you find at this stand at this year’s EuroCucina.

Versatile island and kitchen counter worktops from Valdesign

Smart modern kitchen design solutions from Alf DaFre ValdesignPerfect way to stack your kitchenware in style - Alf DaFre Valdesign at EuroCucina 2016Closer look at the lovely stone countertopsAlf DaFre Valdesign bring refined elegnace to the kitchen with stoneAlf DaFre Valdesign at EuroCucina 2016

ILVE kitchens: Steely Glint meets Wooden Warmth

[14:19] Stainless steel is undoubtedly a popular material in the kitchen and it is a sturdy choice that also adds a healthy pinch of metallic glint. The sparkling series of kitchens from ILVE definitely bring this metallic heart to your home along with a distinctly Italian soul and of course a hint of coziness. One look at these stainless steel delights at EuroCucine and we are tempted to go down the metallic route as well… Simply seductive!

Stainless steel kitchens from ILVE

Stainless steel kitchen sialnd coupled with wooden breakfast zone by ILVEWood and metal come together inside these gorgeous ILVE kitchensDazzling and efficient stainless steel kitchen islands from EuroCucina 2016

Space-Conscious Kitchens of Polaris

[13:58] Now it is time to put the sensible and space-savvy kitchen designs of Polaris under the spotlight.

Polaris at EuroCucina 2016

Working wood to create furniture has always been a passion for us. Starting from our high skills in the sector and following an entrepreneurial vision our family founded Polaris in the 1960s. Our industrial setup brings together artisan tradition, the choice of raw materials and an environmentally sustainable approach to ensure the highest quality.

Kitchen island with storage nook from Polaris at EuroCucina 2016

Kitchen workstation and shelves at the Polaris stand – EuroCucina 2016, MilanModular kitchen solutions from PolarisBest of Polaris from EuroCucina 2016

Beautifully Eloquent – Binova

[13:48] Now at the Binova stand and one instantly admires the understated class, precision and the wide range of modular solutions on offer. From kitchen islands that combine wood and fabulous marble worktops to fancy shelves and cabinets that disappear when not needed; the latest series of kitchens from Binova has it all.

Gorgeous Binova kitchens at EuroCucina 2016

Binova kitchens at EuroCucina 2016Closer look at the Binova kitchen islandsDashing kitchen for those who adore marbleSmart kitchen cabinets and shelves make perfect use of corner spaceStylish kitchen island with a shlef next to it that makes use of vertical space

Adaptable World of Leicht

[13:33] If you are an avid follower of Decoist, then you will already be familiar with the name Leicht and the many kitchen storage solutions and smart islands that they offer. So versatile are these contemporary kitchens that you can even combine elements from two different models to create your own, unique kitchen space! Of course, experiencing this first hand at the EuroCucina stand takes your appreciation for these adaptable kitchens to a whole new level.

Leicht at EuroCucina 2016

Integrate kitchen and dining space with latest storage solutions from LeichtKitchen island with extended breakfast zoneKitchen island with extended dining tableLeicht kitchens at EuroCucina 2016Leicht kitchens at Leicht at EuroCucina 2016Leicht kitchens offer the perfect gathering space for entire family with smart breakfast zonesModular and adaptable kitchen solutions from Leicht at EuroCucina 2016Multiple finishes offered by Leicht kitchens on display at EuroCucina 2016Stunning use of black for the modern kitchen spaceTaking a closer look at the lates kitchens from LeichtContemporary kitchen island design LeichtExploring the storage units of the Leicht kitchen sland

Bosch world premiere: FlameSelect! You get to choose from 9 levels of precise ‘power’ @BoschGlobal @BoschAppliances

— Alex Ion (@alex_ion) April 13, 2016

Strasser: Stone Craze on the Grand Stage

[12:32] If you love stone, the Strasser is the place to be at this year’s EuroCucina. They definitely know how to bring the very best out of granite and these marvelous islands are a testimony both to brilliant craftsmanship and their amazing ability to work with stone. Add to this amazing cooktops, and the very best possible modern features and a glint of LED lighting and you have a truly unique and spectacular kitchen!

Brilliant lighting adds to the appeal of the granite islands from Strasser

Awesome granite kitchen island with cooktop and workstation from StrasserStrasser at EuroCucina 2016Stunning kitchen islands in granite unveiled by Strasser at EuroCucina 2016

Delightful Estel – Coffice Anyone?

Colorful kitchens from Estel - EuroCucina 2016

Marble countertop offers visual contrast to the dark wooden counters of the islandSmart Estel kitchens at Eurocucina 2016 make most of evrtical spaceVivacious designs combine office and home needs at the Estel stand - EuroCucina 2016Estel shows not just the bets in kitchen design but also decorating

[11:57] A journey that began with home décor nearly 80 years ago has seen the emergence of the Estel Group – a name synonymous with top-notch home and office décor. Having stepped into their stand at EuroCucina 2016, one is filled with a sense of cheerfulness as casual elegance and colorful backdrops present vivacious office kitchen spaces. A perfect way to show the world that great kitchens can be a whole lot of fun as well!

Clever Kitchens from Comprex

Latest kitchen design ideas and compositions from Comprex at Eurocucina, Salone del Mobile 2016

Brilliant contemporary kitchen compositions from ComprexPolished kitchen island in white from ComprexSeries of open wooden shelves in the kitchen for all your storage needsA look at the Comprex stand at EuroCucina 2016

[11:46] We move on to the beautiful lineup of kitchens compositions and brilliant islands from Comprex. It is the series of minimal closed cabinets and open contemporary shelves that drew the most attention here. But then, the central island in white on display seems equally impressive and ingenious.

Maistri – A Blend of Textures!

Maistri presents great new kitchen designs. Feels like they could make kitchens out of any material. Kudos! #isaloni

— Alex Ion (@alex_ion) April 13, 2016

[11:33] It is easy to see why people fall in love with kitchens and interiors crafted by Maistri – a firm that made its beginnings from a small family-run carpenter’s shop several decades ago. There is a certain dark charisma and textural beauty about these brand new kitchens from this Maistri that shouts out sophistication.

Maistri kitchens at EuroCucina 2016, Milan

Innovative kitchen shelves and storage ideas from MaistriSmart kitchens from Maistri play with a variety of materials and texturesWorld of colors and textures at Maistri stand - EuroCucina 2016Bespoke backsplash in kitchen made with a variety of tiles looks great as it is!Closer look at the refined Maistri kitchens

World of Pedini

Fabulous marble countertops of Pedini's latest kitchen

Fabulous kitchen worktops and islands on display at Pedini Eurocucina standPedini at EuroCucina 2016Pedini offers latest in contemporary kitchens at EuroCucina 2016Shelves the link the kitchenw ith the living room visualWine storage and kitchen deisgn rolled into one by Pedini

[11:23] If you are looking for inspiration to transform your contemporary kitchen, then a trip to the Pedini stand at EuroCucinna is an absolute must. From the modern and sleek to casual and inviting, there is something for everyone here. Of course, for those who cannot make it to Milan right away, here is a little preview of the Pedini goodness.

La Cornue – Timeless Bespoke Brilliance

Amazing La Cornue range on display at EuroCucina 2016, Milan

Signature La Cornue style of the kitchen range and appliancesStunning central kitchen sialnd with multiple fetaures by La CornueTimeless beauty and bespoke genius of La Cornue showcased at EuroCucina 2016Bring a touch of luxury with malachite inspired La Cornue range

[11:08] It is easy to fall in love with a kitchen range that boasts of tradition, timeless aura, bespoke beauty and artisanal flair of La Cornue. They once again managed to recreate this magic and turn heads at EuroCucina 2016 with their latest kitchen range that adds color, character and unique elegance to any modern interior – without ever compromising on top-notch functionality!

Team7 –Stylish Kitchens Celebrate Wood

Team7 stand at EuroCucina 2016, Milan filled witheir latest kitchen models and smart design solutions

[10:53] We kickstart the day at EuroCucina 2016 with a look at the inviting, beautiful and elegant stand of Team7 that showcases a commitment towards sustainable, non-toxic and organic kitchen design. Combining pure solid wood with smart contemporary finishes and ergonomic form, these novelty design options promote the concept of a beautiful kitchen that is also healthy and harmonious.

Texture of the kitcehn island offers you an amazing option to move away from the mundane

Dining table that matches the beuaty of the kitchens from Team7Everything at the Team7 Stand in EuroCucina 2016 shows a love for beautiful wooden finishes!Fabulous kitchen island with stone worktop and wooden shelves - Team7 at EuroCucinaPerfect side table for your dining roomStunning table in solid wood with sustainable styleSustainable kitchen design showcases a love for wooden finishesTeam7 at EuroCucina 2016, MilanWood is the elment of choice inside the latest kitcehns from Team7Wooden dining table from Team7 at EuroCucina 2016Cutting-edge contemporary kitchens from Team7

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