Live edge or natural edge wood has become increasingly popular in the furniture industry lately. Some designers consider such furniture to be rustic but there’s more to it than that. A live edge dining table or coffee table, for instance, can look awesome no matter where you put it, whether it’s a contemporary living room, a modern lounge area, a traditional family room or an industrial setting. It has a style of its own which goes beyond any trend.

The most important idea about live edge wood is that certain surfaces are left natural and exposed: the bark, knots, holes and curved spaces for example. These elements bring out the natural shape of the tree and make each piece of furniture unique. You can make your own live edge coffee table in a few easy steps. Find a slab of wood with barn and knots on it, sand it down, stain it and attach four hairpin legs in the corners, just as shown on Zestitup.

Building a live edge coffee table is fairly easy and the fact that all the imperfections of the wood are actually desirable elements in the finished design makes things a lot easier. There’s no need to cut the wood slab to precision or to even stain it. Just use some sandpaper to obtain a somewhat smooth surface and a natural wood finish to bring out the material’s beauty. As before, the table featured on Ispydiy has hairpin legs.

For some reason, live edge tops and hairpin legs complement each other perfectly when combined in the design of a coffee table. The project showed on Annabode further reinforces this idea. This table has a slender and pretty smooth top, without too many visible imperfections.

Finding the right components for a live edge coffee table is the most difficult part of all, even though all you need is a slab of wood and some legs or a base. Figuring it out the right combination is just part of the problem. Finding a piece of wood that has the right shape and size is not as easy as some of you might think. Have a look at this gorgeous table featured on Abeautifulmess. The intricacy of its design is simply amazing.

One way or another, let’s say you got the live edge coffee table that you wanted. It’s time to bring it home and make it a permanent part of the decor. So where to put it? Well, the living room seems like an obvious option.

If the table is small, you can have two or three clustered together in the same room. It would help if they had different heights and even different-sized tops. Still, the designs would have to be similar.

Not all live-edge coffee tables have super intricate and highly detailed tops. It all has to do with the trunk the wood comes from. Its age, type and provenance matter so do your research before you start the search for materials.

Wood slabs like these two usually come from very old trees. You can count the rings to see approximately how old the tree was when it fell. It would definitely be a shame to try to hide all the unique cracks and imperfections. They give the table a lot of character.

Even though they look pretty neat and simple, these live-edge table tops have their own charm. The simplicity of form and the lack of cracks and knots are compensated for with rich colors.

It’s best to not overcomplicate a live-edge coffee table with a base that stands out. The focus should be on the top and not the frame that holds it, which is why hairpin legs are such a good option.

Some live-edge coffee tables are so sculptural, so intricate and so beautiful that they can easily double as artwork for the space they’re in. This table from Villa Beyond in Thailand is one of the best examples.

Having a live-edge coffee table in a living area is enough so there’s no need for a matching dining table as well. In fact, that can often seem like too much for a single room.

When it comes to live-edge tables, the more natural the look the better. That being said, this coffee table is definitely amazing. It appears to be a longitudinal section of a tree trunk.

Even though technically the design of this coffee table is quite simple, it serves as an awesome focal point for the entire lounge area.Its warm brown color is surrounded by similar earthy tones and the comfortable furniture is a good match.

Instead of a single large coffee table, perhaps two or even three smaller ones would be more practical and even more interesting-looking. They could complement each other like the ones shown here.

Think of a live-edge coffee table more in terms of a hybrid between a functional piece of furniture and a sculpture or a decoration. It serves both purposes at the same time and you can take advantage of that in a lot of cool ways. First step: find a great-looking table. This one from Mustardvintage could be it.

You can try coordinate your live-edge coffee table with other elements in the room, even if they’ll only match in terms of color, texture or form. Take this contemporary living room for example. The table matches the stairs and both elements look very natural in the decor.

With a live-edge coffee table you’re bringing a piece of nature into your home so why not continue with the rest of the decor on the same note? You could decorate the living room with potted plants, natural colors and materials and you can expose it to the views.

Here, there’s a nice coordination between the wooden floor, the ceiling, the live-edge coffee table and the panoramic views which can be admired through the large window. The neutrality that surrounds them is right to the point.

The design strategy in this case was quite different. As you can see, the decor is eclectic and full of color and pattern. The two live-edge coffee tables blend in seamlessly but that doesn’t mean they lose their personality in any way.

The issue with live-edge tables is that they sometimes have an irregular form which makes them less practical than other types. Even so, their beauty and uniqueness compensates for that.

The irregularities of the wood in the case of a live-edge table are not only defining the edges but also the bottom surface of the slab. As you can see here, this is a live-edge coffee table that captures the form of the trunk exactly as it is.

Each live-edge table is unique and special in its own way. There are quite a few interesting models to choose from, like the one here which comes from Etsy. It’s made of cedar wood and shows the point where the tree trunk splits into two large branches.

An interesting idea is to use resin to fill any cracks and holes in the wood. This table from Etsy features glow-in-the-dark resin and the combination of colors and textures is mesmerizing.

Here’s another design displaying the wood and resin combination. This time the table has a round live-edge top and metal hairpin legs. The blue resin looks great in combination with the sofa. {found on etsy}.

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