I watched the first Little Women film when I was a kid and the marvelous Katharine Hepburn being my favourite actress at the time left a strong imprint on me, masterfully portraying the role of Josephine March. 
It happened when I was at university majoring English language and literature that I stumbled upon a second hand copy of Ms.Alcott’s novel (my copy was published in 1973). Normally it became one of the most treasured books in my collection.
As the new remake of the film is in the run for Oscar, I started rereading it and enjoying every single minute of it. I haven’t seen the new release of the film yet, but it sparked the idea for a new collection. I have seen every single image of the film posted online and read through all the interviews I could find with director Greta Gerwig and especially costume designer Jacqueline Durran, who managed to recreate vintage clothes and make them look seductive to the modern viewer. 

As I am excitedly preparing to see the film, I have already outlined several crochet pieces I want to make (2 are actually done) inspired by it. Cannot wait to show you!
What about you? Have you seen the film yet? What are your thoughts?