Little Nicki’s Milos Guide

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When deciding on an island destination in Greece we were really spoilt for choice. I’m sure if you’ve ever planned a Greek island holiday, you would know what I mean and I’m also pretty certain that anywhere you ended up would be spectacular in its own way. My first choice was Santorini (of course), but after a bit of research mostly through friends, I realised it was maybe not the most practical with a small child. We ended up settling on Milos because we heard it offered a lot of the aspects of the Cycladic islands that we liked – sunsets, stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, all those white buildings and blue domed churches – but was relatively untouched and very quiet.

As a mom especially, peace and quiet is my new number one priority! We rented a car which is an absolute must and it was so easy to get around. You could visit different parts of the island really easily and be at different beaches in minutes. There are a few areas on the island where you can only drive an off-road buggy, but we were happy to stay on more stable terrain in our little sedan and beyond satisfied with where that got us. We kept thinking that we had seen the most gorgeous sight of the trip and then the next day go somewhere for lunch and end up at another incredible spot almost by accident.

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But first, a trip to Greece would not be complete without visiting Athens (or so I’ve been told).

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We were only there for one night and the next day, but enjoyed delicious food, really friendly vibes from the Athenians and had time to score these matching olive crowns!

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We of course visited the Acropolis, which was incredible. We got to the ticket line early (good thing we were traveling with our human alarm clock) and even still had to wait quite awhile. Understandably there are no strollers allowed up to the top, so it was a lot of walking (and carrying) in the heat and through the crowds.

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Luckily, Remy entertained himself with a little of his own excavating. He made little pit-stops collecting rocks and lining them all up on ancient monuments.

The new Acropolis museum was absolutely amazing (and air conditioned) – hallelujah!

There was way too much to take in for the amount of time we had, but we will definitely go back, stay a little longer and get guided tours for both.


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Glarakia Studios (Adamas) – a cute little villa. Family friendly and a quiet place with shady spots to hang out in for the stiflingly hot afternoons. Very simple, but with all you really need (there was a coffee machine, but the breakfast was pretty basic).

I liked that they were a bit off the main strip, offering a different experience to being right next to the water. We spent most afternoons drinking, resting and being silly there before heading out.

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The produce was all freshly grown on site where we stayed. There were acres of grapes, melons, lemons, etc and even chickens for fresh eggs!

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Fishing villages and spectacular beaches – Milos is full of them!

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Most of the scenery was rocky, dry vegetation, crystal blue waters and dotted with white buildings and blue accents, but the occasional pop of colour like this sweet pink door.

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Klima – another fishing village right along the water, but with ruins of an ancient amphitheatre and catacombs nearby.

Plaka – We never properly took in a sunset over a stunning vista (crazy, I know), but they are world class every night from this village and I’m sure from most other vantage points on the island.

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Medusa (Madrakia) – Set right on the water (of course) in a gorgeous little fishing village. *We saw a few other families who had rented seaside homes here, which looked like a really great option.

O! Xamos (Adamas) – Our favourite dinner spot. The food was incredible, we went back twice. They have a beach club too, so technically we went back a third time and hung out there before our flight on the last day. We went for our last dinner and surprised my mom with a special desert for her birthday. I won’t give too much away, but if you happen to be celebrating your birthday, go here – the sweet, spontaneous celebration the staff did for my mom was like nothing you’ve ever seen at a restaurant at home. It was such a warm, generous and energy-filled moment I will never forget.

Pollonia – A cute village where you can stroll along the cobblestones and look for a dinner spot. There is a long strip along the water where cars can’t drive, so you really can slow down and take it all in. I’m sure anywhere along here would be a great choice to eat, mostly offering delicious seafood options. We had the most amazing lobster dish for ‘two’, but shared easily enough across four adults.

Aggeliki (Adamas) – We  had a gelato (or 3) every day from here.

Artemis (Adamas) – A little bakery where you can get fresh bread and try the local delicacy of watermelon pie.

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Kleftiko – A definite highlight of our week in Milos. We went on a really mild day with no wind and enjoyed two stops exploring old pirate caves and swimming and snorkelling in some of the bluest water you’ll ever see. We opted for a half day trip which was perfect for Remy and me too actually 😉

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Looking out to sea awaiting the boat to take us out to the caves. We went with Zephyros which take you out on a traditional wooden boat (a Kaiki in Greek), but thankfully much bigger than this one!

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I was feeling like a bit of a nervous mama prior to the boat trip, not sure what to expect or how safe it would be to have Remy on a boat in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Thankfully, it was a solid vessel and he spent most of his time onboard inside the cushioned stern making ‘ice creams’.

A warning that safety protocol was pretty loose on this particular trip, but I made sure to ask after a little life jacket and made him wear it!

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In his ice cream shop.

Sarakinikofilm Sarakinikofilm2

Sarakiniko – probably the most well-known must-see spot on Milos. It was a sight to behold! You have to park about a 5 minute walk away (7 minutes back because it’s uphill), but it is so worth it. We went quite a few times. The volcanic rock formations make incredible shapes jutting out and around the water. You feel as if you’re walking on the moon…be sure to bring footwear for this reason too!


Remy moonwalked quite happily barefoot.


If you explore around the rocks away from the little sandy beach, you will find caves, amazing cliff jumping spots and the bluest water you will ever see. It actually sparkled.


The beaches all felt really safe for small children. You could wade out for what felt like kilometres. Remy actually learned to love the water on this trip and would sit hip-deep playing for hours on end. Plus, plenty more opportunities for rock collecting.

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While I was exploring more important things like my best Priscilla Queen of the Desert moves.

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Or whiling away the hours creating still life moments.


In conclusion, if you’re planning a trip to the Greek Islands and you don’t know where to go, Milos will not disappoint!  My advice would be to go sooner than later before it gets built up and too busy.


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