These images feel very November to me – glimpses of sparkle sit happily with fading hydrangeas. This little brass box is a new treasure I bought with my mum a few weeks ago, it wasn’t expensive but I love how it looks like it might hold some secrets. I used to fight the change in season but learning to embrace it feels so much better  – blankets are extra snuggly and is there anything cosier than coming into a warm house full of golden lights after a walk in the rain?
I can’t believe December is nearly here, it catches me by surprise every time. I’ve started to add fairy lights around the house ready for a friends Christmas dinner at the weekend and I have a festive film on as I type. It’s easy to get swept up in the busy-ness  of Christmas but I think it’s important to take time out too. I love putting these images together – for the 45 minutes or so that they take, I think about nothing else and enjoy the process so much. December is the perfect month to create, be it, baking, wreath making, sewing – I hope you manage to squeeze some creativity into the month ahead. 

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