Lima Food Review – Eating Nikkei Cuisine in Lima, Peru

Lima Food Review - Eating Nikkei Cuisine in Lima, Peru

Join us for this Lima Food Review where we head over to Nikko Restaurant to eat Nikkei Cuisine in Lima, Peru. We discovered this restaurant in Lima because of Audrey’s Aunt who first brought us to Nikko three years ago. Unlike in a pervious video where we showcased Nikkei food in mostly sushi and maki form, this time around we key in on other types of dishes that include octopus and other diverse ingredients. All in all this what were ordered:

1) Fried rice mixed with seafood
2) Pulpo a la parrilla (grilled octopus)
3) Yucca fries
4) Octopus salad with a creamy sauce
5) Ceviche ponja (Japanese Peruvian style ceviche)
6) Acevichado rolls (Ceviche maki rolls
7) Teriyaki Meshi fried rice
8) Mixed tempura

Restaurant in Lima, Peru Information:

Nikko La Molina Restaurant
Address: 1137, Av. la Fontana, La Molina 15024, Peru
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12–5p.m., 7:30–11p.m.
Sunday to Monday 12–5p.m.
Phone: +51 989 098 517

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Lima Food Review – Eating Nikkei Cuisine in Lima, Peru Travel Food Video Transcript:

It is time for another food video. Today we are eating Nikkei cuisine and that is basically fusion between Peruvian and Japanese foods. So we’ve come to a restaurant in La Molina. It is called Nikko. This is my Aunt’s favorite restaurant. It is. She has been raving about it nonstop. We’ve actually been here a couple of years ago. We didn’t film. We’ve been here twice before. Every time we come to Lima we end up coming here at least once. We are like okay it is time to finally show you what you can eat here. We’ve already made one video where we visited a Nikkei restaurant before but that was all sushi and it was like Peruvian Japanese style sushi. But this one has a lot more dishes. It is not just sushi so you can get like meat dishes and rice and fish and a whole bunch of other things. Exactly. It should be a good meal. We’ve already placed our orders. I think we’ve ordered like 4 different dishes between the two of us. There is quite a bit coming. It is good we brought our appetites that is for sure.

The starters have arrived. We have 3 dishes that we’re going to share with my family here. So this one is a rice with seafood. It looks really good. I’ve already grabbed a bit of that. We also have pulpo a la parrilla which is octopus cooked on the grill.

And it comes with yucca fries on the bottom.

Oh octopus salad guys. Look at that. It looks good. The sauce looks really nice and creamy.

My main dish has arrived. I went for a ceviche. It is like all I get all of the time. But it is a special one. Yes, so this one is called ceviche ponja which is like a play on words. Ponja Japon. They just like switched up the syllables and it means Japan ceviche. And it comes with sweet potato.

And you also got some fried rice. Yes. Teriyaka Meshi. It looks like it has got corn. Which is very Peruvian. It has got different kinds of it looks like there is carrots.

The last dish that we ordered was tempura. So if you take a look over here you can see that half of it is fish. And the other half is sweet potato. So I’ve actually got your bites that you’ve already been eating.

You can see here this one is the sweet potato this one is the fish.

That was a feast of feasts. Like we ate so much food. We ordered too much and we also had appetizers that just everyone else ordered so that was all so good. We’re actually taking food home with us. We are. We just couldn’t finish it all. There were a lot of hungry mouths but we couldn’t polish it off. Anyways in terms of price point a lot of things were around 30 Soles range. Because we ate so much we ended up paying roughly about $25 US dollars per person.

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

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