Lima City Tour + Home Cooked Peruvian Food

Lima City Tour + Home Cooked Peruvian Food

Join us for a Lima City Tour as we check out the historical centre of Lima departing from Larcomar in the Miraflores district of the city. In the second part of this video we come back home to enjoy some home cooked Peruvian food prepared by Audrey’s Mother, Aunt and Grandmother featuring Causa (yellow potato stuffed with chicken), Chicken with Pineapple (Pollo con piña), Chicha Morada (purple corn drink) and Mazamorra Morada (purple corn pudding) for dessert.

We kick off our tour of Lima, Peru with Turibus by departing from Larcomar where we get to see quite a bit of Miraflores neighbourhood along the way. On the way to the historic city centre of Lima these were some of the highlights from the tour.

1) Huaca Pucllana (adobe and clay pyramid)
2) Plaza Martin
3) Plaza de Armas
4) Plaza Mayor
5) Bishop’s Palace and Basilica Cathedral of Lima
6) Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno)
7) Convent of San Francisco (Basílica y Convento de San Francisco)
8) Love Park in Miraflores (El Parque del Amor)

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Lima City Tour + Home Cooked Peruvian Food Travel Video Transcript:

Greetings from Lima, Peru. Yes we are finally doing some sightseeing today. Yeah. Because we’ve been here a few days just eating, drinking, socializing. It has been fantastic but we need to start moving our skeletons a bit to burn off some calories. Yeah, today we have signed up to do a bus tour with Turibus of the historic centre and we’ve done a similar tour with Mirabus in the past. I feel like I’ve done that tour like 3 times. Right. But my sister’s husband has never been to Lima. Yep. It is his first time here and he needs to see the city. Yeah, we’re basically going to show him and also we’re departing from a different area. Yes. Normally we’ve departed from Kennedy Park. Parque Kennedy. Yep. But this time we are departing from Larcomar and it should be really cool because we don’t go to the central downtown part of Lima that much. Not very much. Yeah. So it is going to be nice to go back and check that out today. Yeah and the price was $25 USD dollars. Right. I think pretty good for a 3 hour tour.

We are now finally entering the historic center. Yeah it takes a little while. I know. Lots of traffic today. Tonnes of traffic today. I’ve had a bit of a nap. You have. You tend to do that whenever there is a long bus ride.

Another attraction that we’re only seeing in passing. This is Plaza Martin. Nice gardens you’ve got San Martin on his horse.

Alright we just got off of the bus. At Plaza de Armas. We have five minutes for photos.

Here we have the cathedral and moving over just behind the fountain we have the Bishop’s Palace. Turning over we have the government palace. Sam is busy taking photos here. And over on that side city hall, 4 major landmarks and one square.

So we are now visiting the Convent of San Francisco. This is going to be where we’ll be spending most of our time. It is the main attraction we’re covering today on the main bus tour. However no photo and no video allowed inside which really sucks because I’ve been here like 3 times before and it is impressive so we’ll just show you the exterior.

So we’ve just exited the Convent of San Francisco (Basílica y Convento de San Francisco). What did you think? You’ve been here several times now. Yeah. And unfortunately the rules haven’t changed. You are not allowed to take any photos or videos.

Sam’s first causa in a long time. Yeah really excited about this. Tell us about the ingredients. Well it is like yellow potatoes. It looks like we have peas. We have chicken. Mmmhmm. Eggs. Egg on top. Black olives. Lots of mayo. It is delicious. This is like a potato shepherd’s pie. I would say. Red onions Sam? Oh yes please. Thank you. Oh I’ll have red onions too. That will give it a little bit of kick. Gracias.

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

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