There’s plenty to think about when planning the interior design and decor of a dining room. The lighting is particularly important, being the thing that sets the mood. To create an ambiance that’s inviting, comfortable and cozy, use warm lighting that glows softly instead of being very bright and in your face.

The lighting needs to be strategically positioned and distributed around the room, based on the type of ambiance and decor that you want to create or on the elements that you want to highlight. There’s no general rule saying that one type of fixture is better than the other so try to find the style or the combination that works best for your dining room.

They’re quite big but they’re also gentle-looking and defined by a casual and cozy flair. The Bell 95 suspension lamp is designed by Jasper Startup for Gervasoni and can be used as a standalone light fixture or in pairs of two or more such as in the case of this dining room. The lamps are made of natural handwoven rattan and they look most dramatic in spaces with high ceilings.

If you prefer a more graphical look with clean, contemporary lines, perhaps the Infinite Lite series can make your dining room look just perfect. You can see here both the table lamps and the pendant lights displayed in the same room which might be just a bit too much considering how distinctive the design is.

A chandelier, as opposed to a pendant or a floor or table lamp, tends to look a bit more formal, even more dramatic. This can sometimes be a desired effect while other times it can interfere with the type of mood you’re trying to set in the room. For dining rooms, chandeliers such as the Montpellier blend these elements quite nicely. This is a ceiling lamp that stands out without overpowering the space.

For dining rooms that need a little bit of sparkle, we recommend something with a more sophisticated and opulent look, such as the Loyd fixture by Emanuel Ungaro. This crystal chandelier with its layered design stands out and becomes a focal point no matter where you put it.

The same company offers a range of exquisite pendants and lamps, all bursting with sophisticated flair and elegance. Turn them into focal points for the dining room or allow them to blend in by surrounding them with equally amazing design elements.

Antonio Sironi designed the Luna Rossa pendant with a desire to inspire a new perspective on classical light fixtures. The pendant has a half-spherical shade with the light source concealed under a dome. The light offered is diffuse and pleasant. Add to that the aesthetically rusted finish and you get something completely unique.

It’s also important to know where and how to display the light source in the dining room. It’s usually best to have the pendants or the chandelier placed directly above the dining table and in case you also need to illuminate other spaces you can always add a lamp. Doesn’t this cluster of contemporary pendant lights look amazing in combination with the sculptural table from Porada?

You should also always pay attention to the big picture. For instance, too much symmetry or a lack of contrast can make a space look bland and incomplete. This dining area looks quite well-balanced, with its casual furniture and array of different textures and colors. The oversized and minimalist pendant lamps fit right in. Find inspiration for a similar setting from Missonihome.

In a dining room, the table, the chairs and the lighting have to be in sync. That means a nice balance has to be established. Take this space for example. The In Between table and chairs are a perfect match but the real attraction is the cluster of Flowerpot pendants displayed above the table in layers.

Then there’s also the height at which you hang the pendant lamp or the chandelier in a dining room. This Soren light sits here pretty low, serving both as a light fixture and as a sort of centerpiece or focal point for the table setting. It has a copper frame and a fabric shade which combined give it a look that’s casual yet sophisticated.

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