Lewisia: one of the most beautiful flowering succulents with impressive white, pink, purple, yellow or orange flowers

One of the not the most common but one of the most beautiful flowering succulents is Levisia with its impressive white, pink, purple, yellow or orange flowers.

Flowering succulent native to California that has many varieties with differences not only in shade – size of flowers but also the morphology of the foliage which can be more or less compact. The height of Lewisia, depending on the variety, ranges from 5 to 35cm, while the foliage in most varieties creates solid rosettes.

Its ornamental value apart from the general appearance of the plant is due to the fact of its prolonged flowering which in suitable climatic conditions and especially in areas with mild winters can last even the whole year. Flowers in soft or more intense shades of white, pink, orange, yellow or purple also have a long lifespan of more than 30-40 days.

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Lewisia is suitable for both planting pots and flower beds, in individual or mass plantings, for creating low borders, flowerbeds, etc., while like all succulents it belongs to the most suitable species for rock gardens, arid gardens of reduced care and of course for compositions – flower beds with other species of succulents.

It is a generally easy plant, with no special care needs, is rarely affected by diseases and only needs protection from extremely low temperatures. In frost-snow conditions, cover Levisia with nylon, while potted plants are best transported to a protected place, even inside the house.

Soil: It has no special requirements but a fully enriched outdoor soil will significantly help its flowering. To protect the lower leaves from rot, which comes from their contact with the soil, cover the soil surface with gravel or tree bark.

Location: It needs light but some varieties are strained by constant exposure, especially in the summer sun. Prefer for Lewisia a slightly semi-shady place with plenty of sun early in the morning and in the afternoon or make sure it is a variety that can withstand completely sunny places.

Watering: Lewisia is very drought resistant and depending on the season and the prevailing weather conditions should be watered when the soil dries. Plants in the initial stage of their development as well as Levisia placed not in the soil but in planting containers need slightly more frequent watering. Important for the growth and general strength of the plant is the very good drainage of the irrigation water, in order to protect its relatively surface roots from rot.

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Fertilization: Without the absolute necessity of a small amount of strengthening preparation during the spring, it significantly enhances its flowering.

Pruning: Like all succulents, pruning is not necessary except for removing dry stems and cutting the flowers when they wither.

The flowering of Lewisia is essentially continuous, when the climatic conditions are temperate without particularly strong frosts. Especially from the end of spring until the middle of summer, the appearance of the flowering plants is particularly impressive.

The propagation of Lewisia like all succulents is easy and can be done with seeds, by dividing the roots which is the most common way or by dipping tender leaves by 1-2cm in fluffy topsoil. When they take root and start growing, they can be transplanted. Although it does not belong to the most popular succulents, you will find in nurseries both seeds and ready-made plants of Levisia in various varieties – shades.





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