Basically, when installing shelves in a closet you will have two material choices, either metal wire shelving or wood shelving. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The major criteria for deciding between wire shelving or wood shelving really boils down to what is the expected use of the closet. A food cupboard, for example, is typically best served with wood shelving. A clothes closet, on the other hand, maybe better served with wire shelving.

Wire closet shelving is typically less expensive to install than wood shelving, both from a materials and labor installation standpoint. Prefabricated wire shelving is also widely available in different shapes and sizes and there is a whole assortment of accessories to complement the basic wire shelves. As a result, there are many ways to outfit a closet with wire closet shelving. In addition, metal wire shelves are easy to install. They come with fasteners and screws that can easily be attached to walls.

Many retailers have online design tools that can guide you as you determine the best kit to provide for the layout and configuration for your needs. But first let’s find out what design and style you really need for your closet with a wire closet shelving. We’ve already collected 10 ideas of wire closet shelving to give some inspirations for you. Let’s take a look!

1. U-shaped White Wire Closet Shelving with Numerous Functions

If you want to install u-shaped closet shelving system, this idea might satisfy many of your needs. As you can see from the picture below how it can store a lot of things in a place such as clothes, bags, accessories and many other stuffs you have.

Wire Closet Shelving 1
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2. Wire Closet Shelving for Small Space

And don’t worry if you have small space for your closet. Because one of the advantages of wire closet shelving is that they are very light and space saving. You can adopt the idea below to have a reference.

Wire Closet Shelving 2
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3. Simple White Wire Closet Shelving

Simplicity is also one of the wire closet shelving advantages. Look and estimate how simple the concept of this wire closet shelving below.

Wire Closet Shelving 3
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4. L-shaped Wire Closet Shelving

And here is the idea for L-shaped wire closet shelving system. Really flexible and useful to adopt if you have more space in your walk-in closet.

Wire Closet Shelving 4
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5. White U-shaped Wire Closet Shelving with Warm Chocolate Walls

Make your closet look beautiful and comfortable to you and whoever enters it with the combination of white wire closet shelving and warm color of the wall. You can adopt the idea of this warm chocolate wall below for your closet.

Wire Closet Shelving 6
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6. Combined with Wood

You can also combine the wire closet shelving with some wood shelves or cabinet. The combination makes you get the advantage of both material.

Wire Closet Shelving 7
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7. Long Horizontal Wire Closet Shelving

Or if you need an installment of wire closet shelving for a long wall, you should consider to adopt this idea. Take a look at the picture below to have a reference.

Wire Closet Shelving 6
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8. Wire Shelf for Your Ties and Belts

Attention to details, don’t let your small things such as ties and belt get messy by folding and piling them up. Adopt this idea of wire shelf for your ties and belt and let it be a part of your organized closet.

Wire Closet Shelving 8
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9. Flexible Black Wire Closet Shelving

One of the things that you will love from a wire closet shelving is that it is very possible to be installed in may flexible ways. Just look at this idea of flexible black wire closet shelving and make it be one of your closet system.

Wire Closet Shelving 9
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10. White Flexible Closet Shelving with Contrasting Wall Color

Some people might think that a wire closet shelving would be so boring in look and design. Well, that will happen if they don’t combine everything wisely. Just pick the contrasting color for the shelves and wall combination, and you will have a very fresh-looked closet with wire shelving.

Wire Closet Shelving 11
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If you have decide which idea you would adopt for your wire closet shelving, don’t forget for the maintenance of the material to make it lasts longer. Have a good time organizing your closet with wire shelving!

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