Born from necessity and utility, Leatherman was invented with a single function: to get things done.

From Tim Leatherman’s work beginning in 1975 to Leatherman’s first order from Cabela’s in 1983 and on to today’s models, Leatherman remains a true American company.

Gaining quick recognition and fame, Leatherman is now a household name in the outdoor industry. There is nothing that could be reasonably confused with the name as it is ubiquitously known. After over 1 million units sold in the first decade, it becomes easier to understand why this company gained so much popularity so quickly.

The Pocket Survival Tool was the first model. This had 13 tools in it which all folded up in an excellent, durable package. Demand for Leatherman tools was overwhelming at times.

Forged from the factory in Portland, OR, the instruments Leatherman produces are tested in the elements first hand. Leatherman tools perform in all environments including- cold weather/winter, hot weather/dessert, or tropical locations.

There are times where a Leatherman tool has helped to save lives, perform essential repairs in the field, or remove a hot cooking pot. Uses for a daily carry multitool are unlimited.

Carry one for a day, and you will likely be surprised at how many times it is used. Definitely useful to have in any car or emergency kit, a Leatherman is an awesome gift for those you care for. Well worth it carries weight, a Leatherman tool may save your life or at the very least your day.

Quick Highlights:

Outdoor Field Test Leatherman Free P2 Stainless Steel Multi Tool

– American made (Portland, Oregon)
– 420HC Stainless Steel construction
– One-hand operable features
– All locking features
– Magnetic opening and closing
– Frustration-free tool access
– Removeable pocket clip
– 4.25 in Closed length
– 7.6 oz (215.46 g) Weight
– 2.76 in Blade length

Included tools: Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Replaceable Wire Cutters, Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters, Electrical Crimper, Wire Stripper, 420HC Combo Knife, Spring-action Scissors, Package Opener, Awl, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Wood/Metal File, Phillips Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Small Screwdriver, Extra-small Screwdriver, and Pry Tool, Ruler (1.41 in)


Leatherman Free P2 Multi-Tool Review

Leatherman Free Multi Tool Box

Leatherman Free Pocket Tool

Leatherman Free Box Features

420hc Stainless Steel Construction Multi Tool Leatherman Free P2

Assorted Tools Leatherman Free P2

Blade Detail Leatherman Free P2

Leatherman Free Locking Thumb Switch

Leatherman Free P2 Multi Tool Open

Leatherman Free P2 With Multi Tool Storage Case

Multi Tool Closed Leatherman Free P2

Pliers Extended Leatherman Free P2 Multi Tools

Spring Operated Scissors Leatherman Free P2 Multi Tool

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When it comes to multi-tools, the Leatherman FREE P2 is in a class of its own. Beyond the Leatherman name which comes with a long-standing history of quality and craftsmanship, you’ll find remarkably top-notch modern functionality. It’s the result of years and years of testing, engineering, and customer feedback.

After getting my hands on their new FREE P2 multi-tool, I was beyond impressed. With a 420HC stainless steel construction, the FREE P2 feels incredibly rock solid, yet, surprisingly lightweight at just 7.6 oz. Given the 19 tools packed inside of this multi-tool and the versatility of having each on hand, the size/weight to tool ratio works wonderfully well when it comes to ease of carrying.

In terms of operation, the P2 is simply put, out of this world. The FREE technology is buttery smooth and feels exceptionally well refined and engineered. While out in the field, I have no problems at all operating the P2 with just a single hand. Not to mention, the “click into place” tools all snapped precisely and securely with barely any effort on my end.

Personally, I found the design of how each tool operated to be as frustration-free as it gets. In return, the FREE in the FREE P2 is a rather fitting name when you think about it.


420hc Stainless Steel Multi Tool Reviews Leatherman Free P2

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Leatherman Free P2 Outdoor Tested

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Leatherman Free P2 Outdoor Review In Mountains

For tools, you’ll find need nose and regular pliers, which I’ve come to demand in virtually any multi-tool I own. If you’re wondering why well, the answer is simple: When cooking outdoors with titanium pots over either wood-burning or fuel fires, things get hot. Of course, the integrated handles on most pots are just not up to the task when handling more substantial meals; hence, why I can appreciate built-in pliers so much.

In addition to the above, you’ll also find a really nice set of regular and hard-wire cutters, a 420HC combo blade with some serious cutting action, spring-action scissors with plenty of bite, screwdrivers (Philips, medium, small and extra small), a package opener for those insanely annoying plastic cases, a mini pry tool which makes opening things like paint cans a breeze, an awl, wire stripper, electrical crimper, and more. Of course, you’ll also find the essentials too like a can opener and bottle opener.

Paired with this American made multi-tool, Leatherman has also included a really sharp gray ballistic nylon sheath for ease of carrying. A high-grade metal rivet snap closure offers plenty of peace of mind for secure storage.


Leatherman Free P2 Purchase



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