Chairs are of many different types, shapes, sizes, styles, materials and colors and each has its own set of special characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Leather dining room chairs form an interesting category. Furniture with leather upholstery is generally perceived as elegant and more formal compared to the fabric kind. Similarly, wood dining chairs are generally less casual-looking than those made of plastic. In this article we’re focusing on classic and contemporary dining chairs that use leather to look elegant and stylish.

With Lou Eat, Philippe Starck encourages us to think of this elegant leather dining chair more in terms of a sculpture that could come to life at any moment than just a static piece of furniture. The chair is part of the Lou family, being the most versatile item in the collection.

With a structure made of solid ash wood and a shell made of two interlocking upholstered parts, the Doa dining chair is neither too simple nor too complicated. Its design is just right, perfect for dining rooms of all kinds. The leather upholstery gives the chair a bit of extra flair while the rest is meant to keep it versatile.

The Tonietta chair was designed by Enzo Mari in 1985. It’s a lightweight and very simple-looking chair with a round seat and a small leather-upholstered backrest attached to a thin frame made of polished or black-painted aluminum.

If you’re looking for a set of leather dining chairs that balance out looks, quality, eco-friendlyness and cost in a way that’s effective, you should check the range of models offered by Dan-Form. The designs are simple and inspired by classics which they reinterpret in a modern manner that allows them to stay timeless.

This is the Dartagnan chair, a piece of furniture that’s as simple as it is daring. The frame of this unusual armchair is made of solid walnut with a version in oak also available and the seat is made of leather. The design is eye-catching and sculptural and the chair itself is both comfortable and versatile enough to look great in a lot of different settings.

In 2011 Roberto Lazzeroni introduced the Ginger easy chair. Its design is simple and refined, featuring a frame made of rigid, high-density moulded polyurethane padded in foam and upholstered using a single layer of leather. It comes in two color options and with a swivel or a fixed base. It’s perfect both as an office chair or a dining room piece.

Dining room chairs such as Avery are simple enough to let something else be the center of attention but also classy enough to make the room look refined and elegant. You can get this chair both with and without armrests and the seat and backrest can be upholstered in fabric or leather which you can supply yourself for a unique and custom look.

La Francesa is a chair that has a design which we find satisfying and inspiring. We like how the backrest smoothly wraps around the sides of the seats and curves gently, almost as if meant to form built-in armrests which, by the way, are missing. The ash legs complement the leather seat perfectly.

The thing we love most about the Marcel chair is the fluid and continuous form of the wooden frame and the way in which it incorporates the backrest and gives its design an unexpected twist without transforming it too much. The design is based on the beauty and warmth of wood which are showcased in a very respectful way.

You can use the Felidae chair as an elegant accent piece for the living room, a stylish seat for the office or as an element that complements your dining room table by bringing in color and a striking silhouette. The chair has a frame made of solid walnut wood with a satin finish and the seat, back and armrests are upholstered in leather.

These are the Grace and Sophie chairs. They’re both defined by graceful and elegant silhouettes and delicate forms which catch the eye in a pleasing way. The seat gently envelops the sides of the seat, forming a simplified version of the usual armrest concept. The solid legs complete the design on a strong note.

Few chairs take advantage of the materials used in their design as good as the Seattle series. This chair is designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and looks very lightweight which allows it to look great in open and airy settings. Its design has been perfected to enhance the unique qualities of the leather which covers the frame. The result is a rich and sculptural dining chair with a lot of character.

We’re big fans of timeless and classic furniture and designs that never get old or become outdated. One such piece is DU 30, a chair designed by Gastone Rinaldi in 1953. The chair’s seat is a steel mesh shell covered in moulded polyurethane foam padding and the legs are made of bent welded iron tubing and are attached to a panel installed under the shell.


Whether you use it in the living room, the office or the dining room, the Louise chair will look right at home thanks to its versatile and elegant design. Both the chair and armchair version have framed made of solid ash and beech wood, spring made with elastic belts and polyurethane foam padding. The leather upholstery featured horizontal stitching all around.

Simplicity and refinement a lot of times go hand in hand. Such is the case with this leather dining chair from the Ipanema collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. It’s a modern piece with a design that’s lightweight, practical, comfortable and stylish.

This is Dumbo, a chair with a playful and quirky name inspired by its unusual forms, more exactly the pair of backrest cushions which are meant to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic position. The seat is also soft and comfortable and upholstered in synthetic leather and the frame is made of stained ash wood.

With or without armrests, the Tosca chair is an elegant addition to any living room, dining area, meeting and pretty much any other space that needs it. The frame is available in three oak options and the upholstery can be fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather or soft leather.

The Rimini chair is a special piece. Its sled base makes it stand out from other similar chairs and also gives it a very casual and laid-back look. The tubular frame is made of coper and the seat and backrest are attached to it with clamps. The leather and copper combo is intriguing and unusual.

Speaking of casual and laid-back designs, there’s also another cool chair called Boléia which fits into the same category. Its frame is made of wood and the seat and backrest are a single sheet of leather draped over the frame and attached in key areas. The simplicity of the design is meant to put en emphasis on the materials used.

The Ambra chair is yet another example that proves simplicity and beauty are timeless. This chair is also extremely versatile. Its armless design and comfortable seat and backrest complemented by a thin frame allow it to look equally elegant and stylish in dining rooms, living spaces and even bedrooms and offices.

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