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You’re going to love our new monthly blog series, Pompom Party with the fabulous Christine Leech from Sewyeah!

Hello and welcome to the first Sewyeah Pompom Party; a great party to be invited to! Once a month I am going to be posting a new pompom design using some of the lovely yarns from LoveCrochet. This month it’s a special Valentine’s edition with this sweet Apple of Love. This design is a little bit tricky, but once you’ve got the hang of making the heart shape you’ll be flying.

I thought Love Apple was just a cute term I’d made up for an apple with a heart in it but apparently it’s actually an archaic name for the tomato!  This is not a tomato… It is a apple made from a pompom that could be a nice gift for those you love on Valentines Day.

You will need:

  • 3.5″ / 9cm pompom maker
  • Paintbox DK yarn in Rose Red, Bubblegum Pink and Coffee Bean,
  • A small piece of green felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

You will see that your pompom maker has 5 holes/indentations. These holes help you divide your maker up into equal parts and makes it easier for me to explain the pompom pattern.


Number the holes from left to right 1-5.

Take the red yarn and starting at the left of the maker wind towards hole 2 20 times, make sure each wrap of yarn lies adjacent to the previous one. Starting two or three wraps back from the end of the first layer wind the yarn back to the left hand edge of the maker (about 10 wraps) then wind from the left to the right about 20 more times always staring slightly in from the previous layer of wraps at the right hand side. You will see that you have built up a sort of wedge of yarn with more yarn at the left hand edge of the maker. This creates the area between the two bumps of the top of the heart.

To make the heart:

It helps to imagine a heart shape when winding the pink wool for this pompom. The pompom maker sits within the middle of the heart from top to bottom. You have to build up a wedge shape of yarn that when cut through will form the two sides of the heart.

Starting at a point half way between hole 1 and hole 2 wrap the pink yarn 40 times towards hole 4. (Wrap so the yarn strands lie adjacent to each other. You will also cover some of the previous red yarn.) Wind the yarn back roughly 20 times towards hole 1 starting approximately 4 wraps back from the previous layer. Also stop approximately 4 wraps in from the starting point. Continue wrapping wool back and forth between these two points around 60 times always decreasing the number of wraps top and bottom each time till you have created a wedge shape similar to the one in the picture. Note: the wedge is shaped so there is more yarn towards the top of the wedge than the bottom – this forms the hearts top heavy shape.

Finish wrapping this half of the maker with the red wool, then continue to fill the second half of the maker with the red wool too.


Close the maker and secure with the clips. Cut the wool around the middle of the maker exposing the heart.

Cut three 16″ / 40cm lengths of brown yarn, gather them together and wrap all three around the centre of the pompom. Tie a tight knot and then wind the yarn  back around the maker and tie a tight double knot to secure the Pom.

Remove the maker.

Trim the pompom into more of an apple shape. I’ve gone quite flat on the bottom and more slanted at the sides working up to a more rounded top. The more you trim the more pronounced your apple and heart shape will become. Don’t worry if your heart doesn’t look that hearty I always trim really carefully around areas of detail such as these and use the points of my scissors to move and trim individual strands of wool to make them stay in the right place.

Take the brown strands of yarn and split into three. Plait these together to make a roughly 1″ / 3cm long stalk and knot together at the top. Trim away excess wool.

Finally cut a leaf shape from the green felt. Pinch the base together and sew a couple of overstitches to hold in place. Then sew in place half way up the stalk. (You may want to use a small piece of wire to hold the stalk up for display.

Keep an eye out for next month’s pompom Party make!





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