Earrings are an accessory that most of us cannot imagine getting dressed without; they have become such an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. They not only make a person look more attractive, many girls and women have cited that they feel a definite uplift in their mood when they wear cute earrings. You may go so far as to say that if you ask a woman about the 15 items every woman’s wardrobe must have, then she would definitely include the earrings in that. That is why it is a wonder to most of us that we have not looked more into what the meaning of earrings is and what is the significance of wearing them.



While earrings on men are supposed to represent a cool factor or his sexual orientation depending on which ear he wears it, we really don’t know why people started piercing their ears in the first place. We know that dressy earrings would appear in the bold accessories women must try once in a lifetime, they never looked into the significance of earrings. Don’t you think it would be nice to know about this alongside the knowledge about spectacular jewelry and outfit pairings?



It was believed by magical arts, ears are the openings for evil and maleficent spirits to enter the body. They would then assume control of the body and mind of the person who they had entered. The earrings were a way of ensuring spirits would not enter the person. According to some cultures, piercing of the lobes could make the person uplifted for magical and spiritual reasons. Even today in India, a small infant’s ears would be pierced on the eve of his or her first birthday. Boys do not wear earrings in most castes and religions in India as they grow up but girls do.



The folklore also goes on to say that the piercing of ears is known to make the eyes stronger especially if a person dons jewelry set with emeralds. Most people wear gold earrings and this is supposed to cure headaches. Some people even recommend that you should wear a gold earring on one ear and a silver earring on the other though this is not such a common practice.



As time passed, people pierced more than just the lobes of the ears, though it is a fact that many tribes across the world pierced various parts of the ear. For instance, certain areas in the ears when pierced are supposed to protect the person from certain diseases. In the west, people are known to allow their children to get their ears pierced, only after the age of thirteen while in India, the piercing is done when the baby is one as they believe it is not only good for the baby but it also hurts less as the skin of the baby is tender and it heals very quickly.



Some believe that a girl gets into the outer court of a coven and makes a child a neophyte witch, by symbolically piercing the ears. But these are just speculations and we are not sure that this is the case or not. In some cultures though piercing the center (cartilage) of the ears, which can be painful, is something that needs to be done when a woman gets married. The piercing of her ears and a certain type of ornament is mandatory and only allowed when she gets married.



The thing is, many girls and women today get their ears pierced today because it looks pretty or as a sign of rebellion or both.

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