Prints are awesome no doubt but they can also confuse the hell out of you. There are so many often confusing fashion rules and guidelines around the mixing of prints that can make a person want to pull out their hair in frustration. While it is all good to look at fantastic and frivolous feather print dresses, one can be easily confused when it comes to what other prints can be mixed with these. There may be fashion infographics to make your life easy but they may not solve the question of which prints work with others. The thing is most of us want to be bold and daring about the mixing of prints but refrain from doing so because we feel that the combination may be too loud and thereby not work.


For instance, we all seem to have taken a liking to original and awesome oriental prints to wear to an advantage but cannot figure which other print works with this one.

Here is a cheat sheet on what prints to mix without feeling the gaze of judgment on you:


Geometric with organic: You have to understand that organic prints include tie dye, floral, galaxy or toile prints. In short, the prints that tend to meander or swirl would come under this category. And geometric as the name suggest include stripes, checks and dots. You can combine organic with geometric.


Two large prints together: These can work provided the colors also tend to jell well and can be used to create a bit of dramatic impact.


Large and small: This is pretty easy to figure out since large prints will draw the eye and the smaller print will have a slightly slimming effect. You can make it easier by wearing smaller and larger versions of the same kind of print.


Complimentary colors: You have to look for the color wheel and go with colors that are on the opposite side of each other. For instance, blue goes with orange, yellow with purple, red with green and so on. You can vary the shades as per your taste and coloring.


Neighboring hues: Hues on the side of each other like purple and blue, red with purple, blue and green, green with yellow, yellow with orange and so on. These can create a rich effect when the prints of these colors are worn together.


Dark background: Prints on darker backgrounds will work well with each other even when the prints are on different colors. But if you want a more cohesive look, then ensure that the different prints that you match up are on the same dark color.


Light background: Two light prints is a great way to make the whole atmosphere come alive with a bright feeling. Do make sure that you choose the right colors that are flattering on you.


Pastels: This is often most seen in baby wear and can be a soothing look. If you are trying to create a bohemian or a soothing kind of chic, it is a good way to go. You can make a very boring print come alive by combining it with a slightly loud one to help each balance the other one out.


Prints that share a common color: Sometimes two prints that have a common color running through them can also be made to work with each other without too much effort from your end.

The thing is prints of a type tend to go together like stripes with stripes, florals with florals, animal prints lace etc. However there are some combinations that may not work like small prints with other small prints or paisley with other prints. The rule of thumb is that if it looks and makes you feel good, then go with it.

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