Laying an elongated square, photo

You must often meet a variety of stowage for the caret. But today we’d like to offer you something special – original quads from Christian Dior that the designer used in his new collection Couture Spring 2012.

This exceptional French style, which is not just completes a look and gives it an incredible charm!

Itself Hair elongated Kare looks very original. This is a great haircut for everyday life. However, if you need special styling for the caret, for example, for special events and then come to the aid of the original decision.

In his new collection famous brand Christian Dior shows the style of 50-ies, when the fashion was dresses, tulips, and a silhouette «hourglass».

Laying an elongated square from Christian Dior provides for a small curls and parted in the middle. Укладка удлиненного каре, фото

Laying an elongated square

How to make hair in the style of Christian Dior?

1. Wash your hair and gently dry them.

2. With the fixing of mousse, create a straight side parting. It is important to consider the fact that our hair needs to be completely smooth on top and have lush curls at the bottom. Form a side strand in the form of oblique bangs and secure with a locking forceps.

3. Now with a round hair brush and blow-dry hair, lifting the strands upward to create the effect of voluminous strands.

4. Create small curls on the hair ends so that they were walking «to the neck».

5. Fix with hairspray.

Ready. Укладка удлиненного каре, фото

Laying an elongated square

The new styling of the Christian Dior will make you look very stylish, and in addition others will be able to see the image of a true Parisian 50 years.

Something to add?

If you are going to attend a special event, remember that even a small hair accessory can radically change your image. For an elongated square it is best to use Bobby pins with small flowers, feathers and a stylish thin hoops. Укладка удлиненного каре, фото

Laying an elongated square

Remember, the main advantage of this styling lightness and elegance!

Fashion you ideas and bold experiments!