Needless to say, the wedding bouquet is included in your list of things to plan for your future wedding, right? Beyond the traditional meaning that it has, it is a nice detail that the bride remains during the ceremony with flowers in hand that has been previously correctly selected.
Ideas for wedding bouquets are many but this time we want to show you a combination of ideas where you can consider the color of the flowers, the shape of the bouquet and its decorative elements.
Take the time to imagine yourself with each of them and take advantage of each option by creating your original one!

organic-looking shape

The intention of this wedding bouquet is to group the flowers in a natural way obtaining a bohemian final result for its disarray but that remains armed in such a way that you can observe it well from all angles.

Latest guide to choose your Wedding Bouquet
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horizontal crescent moon

The arrangement may be tight and manicured at the top and cascade slightly on both sides and is traditionally held front and centre.

cascades vine-like greenery

This style of wedding bouquets gives you the option to opt for more decorative branches that complement the arrangement. The flowers should be chosen with waterfall fall but follow the initial form. Think peony, hollyhock, Japanese anemone, clematis, sandersonia, scabiosa, poppies, lupine, foxglove, and fritillaria.

Latest guide to choose your Wedding Bouquet
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The most classic design of wedding bouquets that applies to any type of wedding and place. It is one of the most sought for simplicity when assembling, a single type of flower could arm the complete arrangement. For brides who maintain a vintage style, here they have the perfect bouquet!

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Latest guide to choose your Wedding Bouquet
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long-stemmed arrangement

This type is usually armed with branches of different types that have become popular in minimalist weddings where simplicity is what prevails.

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