We often underestimate the impact and the importance of the lighting fixtures in a room’s interior design/ decor and ambiance when in fact these are elements that can make or break a space. Similarly to a chandelier, a large pendant lamp can serve as a focal point for just about any type of space. Such fixtures are often preferred in living rooms, on hallways and in dining areas. Large pendant lighting is a popular trend right now so let’s check out some of the options out there.

This is a cluster of Fractal Cloud lamps. Each weighs 13 kg and is made of brass. The available finish options include mate black, bronze, nickel, copper and aged and burnished brass. You can form an idea about the design just by analyzing the name. Each pendant is shaped like an abstract, geometric cloud with numerous faceted pieces that come together to form a beautiful sculpture.

A lot of contemporary lighting fixtures are defined by abstract and geometric designs. One of them is Globo, a large pendant lamp with a lot of character and flair. The light it offers is diffuse and subtle and doesn’t overpower the sculptural form. As a result, the pendant is both a source of artificial light and a stylish ornament.

The Vega pendant, displayed in a cluster on the right side of the image in this case, is a delicate and sophisticated-looking fixture which can be displayed as a single standalone piece or in a group. It can hang at various heights and it looks equally elegant in a double-height hallway or in a regular living space. It has just the right amount of luxurious appeal to be versatile. If you want a bit more spark, then check out the Saturno pendant. It takes things to a new level.


You can definitely make an impression with any of the light fixtures designed by Marchetti. They’re refined and graceful, full of charm and with strong design lines and intricate beauty despite the overall simplicity.

If you take away the fringes, the Tiger Lily pendant lamp suddenly becomes a lot less dramatic and opulent but remains just as elegant. The design combines Asian and European influences, featuring a subtle art deco vibe. It was named after a flower and it comes in a variety of colors and color combinations. Each one is handblown.

The 64 Drops pendant is just as much a decoration as it is a light fixture. Dozens of delicate strings hang from the the oval-shaped frame, suspending numerous glass droplets that light up gently at the center. At night, they look like fireflies.

A lot of pendant lamps look lovely as standalone fixtures but even better in clusters. Cargo is one of them. It comes in several versions and sizes, featuring delicate shades that resemble funnels. the simplicity of the form and the timeless duo colors make this a highly versatile accessory which can be displayed in bedrooms, offices, reading nooks and a variety of other settings with great success.

Taking center stage here is a cluster of Eau de lumière pendants which complement each other with their geometry and simplicity of form. You can get them in two sizes/models: shaped like a rectangle (the medium size) or a square (the large version). As they meet at the center, they form a rather unconventional chandelier.

The Scraplight series from Graypants is a special collection in the sense that all the pendants and light fixtures included are made from recycled cardboard. Their shades take various different forms, ranging from small to medium and large. Together, they form a series of fixtures that are both casual and elegant, simple and sophisticated. They can be used individually or combined in groups. Mix and match them however you like. There’s one for every space and style, whether you prefer something small and simple or an oversized accent piece capable of making a statement.

Jules is also a stylish pendant, capable of looking sharp and elegant in any environment. Its elongated and sleek core covered with a light cotton shade gives the pendant a slender look despite the fact that the metal frame is in fact quite big compared to that. Pick the size that best complements the space you have in mind and let the pendant do the rest.

Speaking of sleek, check out the Dodoma pendant which was specifically designed to showcase the warmth and beauty of the Edison light bulb. whether used separately or in clusters, the pendant stands out with its delicate form and playful and chic design. Hang them at different heights to create a visually interesting and diverse focal point and let them complete your minimalist home decor with their own simplicity or use them to add a touch of soft and graceful style to an industrial setting.

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