large painting 2018

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I’ve been making art with my daughter Lucy from day one. From laying on my chest as a newborn while I sketched in my art journal- to riding on my back while I filmed online classes- to letting her create with me in the studio, it’s been a priority to share the art making process with my daughter. I think it is so important to incorporate her into as many creative projects as possible. And lot of people assume that Lucy wants to be an artist or that we want to “mold” her into being an artist. But nothing could be farther from the truth! We just want her to understand and use her creativity in all kinds of ways. In fact, for the last few years, when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she will say that she wants to be some kind of a doctor or scientist that helps people and animals. And while it makes no difference to us if Lucy grows up to be an artist, we do want her to be a creative thinker or even a creative scientist! Through this process of encouraging and sharing creativity, I haven’t been sure how it would influence or play out in her life as she gets older. Over the last six years, I have observed her enjoyment of making art but most importability, I have seen creativity become a part of EVERYTHING that she does and it doesn’t always look like art. What I have learned from this experience with a kid is that making art isn’t always about making something to hang on the wall or sell and it isn’t always about becoming an artist. Making art and “exploring all things creative” might be the best way to tap into your heart, your feelings, your ideas and your imagination and that can lead to some really cool stuff! I’ve also learned that creativity and the ability to think in a creative way, is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and while I am always evolving as an artist and mom, I am learning so much as I watch Lucy develop her unique and creative voice.
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