A little while ago, I introduced you to Italian brand GSI Ceramica, who make beautiful bathroom ceramics and combine traditional craftsmanship with evolving technical innovations in Research and Development. I got to see the Color Elements collection samples with my own eyes and made a little moodboard of how I would design a bathroom with both the Cenere and Agave colors. Today though, I will be going into depth a little bit more about one of their high quality timeless collections: Kube X.

When you design a bathroom, rather than focussing on the latest trend, in my opinion you should pay attention to timeless design. You will have the same bathroom for years to come, so it’s best to carefully consider high quality elements that can stand the test of time in terms of durability, quality but also aesthetics. This is actually the case not only for bathroom elements, but for every piece of furniture in your home as well. If you make the investment in a quality item, you want to do it right and carefully consider it so you can have it for a long time.

The Kube X collection was designed out of the need for contemporary elements with paired down lines and slender edges. These minimal designs offer so many possibilities and can be fit within a modern bathroom of any type. The white or Cenere glazing of the pieces can fit in perfectly with any material of wall and floor covering and can easily be paired up with black, chrome or even brass tabs depending on the look you prefer. The clean lines of the pieces have a very subtile and quiet presence, without being shouty. They leave room for adding personality, but look beautiful on their own as well. They can be paired up with different fixtures and the square washbasins offer many different installation options: wall hung, on a countertop or on a mobile support so you can truly design the bathroom of your preference.

The sanitary ware are wall hung as well and come with Extraglaze® glazing which is a new ceramic glaze which minimizes the formation of surface pores. This makes the ceramic surface smoother, brighter and easily washable so that less detergent and water is needed during cleaning. GSI ceramica made a little video where they tested cleaning pencil stains. I wish my bathroom had this, just imagine how much time you would save cleaning !

The collection also includes the Swirlflush® patented flushing system, which uses only 4,5l with each flush instead of the 9l that are commonly used in a flushing system. This is a very nice touch and this feature alone would already convince me of this collection. On their website, you can see a series of tests they did with the Swirlflush® so you can see what happens when you flush different materials (ink and saw dust for example, but also regular toilet paper – they are very fun to watch). The ink is the most impressive one I think, I just don’t want to know what would happen if I were to try this in my toilet at home !

In summary, I think the Kube X collection offers everything you might need to design a timeless and high quality bathroom which you can customise with your own choice of surface materials and water fixtures. The design is timeless yet contemporary, so you won’t get tired of it and the high quality materials and technology make this collection a long lasting option for a bathroom that can stand the test of time.

This post was written in collaboration with GSI Ceramica however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like get inspired for your bathroom project, I highly encourage you to read their latest Bathings magazine. GSI products are available in Germany through Richter + Frenzel, in Austria through SHT, in Switzerland through Sabag.

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