Krab Designed a Stool Your Cats Can Tear Up

Two years after launching their first product, Nest, Krab is back with a new product, one that’s designed for both cats and people. If you know a cat owner or you are one yourself, you’re likely to have run across some furniture that looks like Edward Scissorhands came over for a visit. Those shredded armrests and carpet edges didn’t stand a chance to those cat claws. Luckily brands like Krab think these kinds of things through and design furniture that your cats are actually allowed to tear up. Vonk appears to be a simple modern stool adorned with wrapped rope but it’s also a scratching post that design-minded folks won’t cringe having around. In addition to giving your cats a place to scratch, it’s great for extra seating when needed and it also opens up to store blankets or cat toys.


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