Kotor Apartment Tour in Montenegro

Kotor Apartment Tour in Montenegro

Come join us for an airbnb apartment tour in Kotor, Montenegro as we showcase our place that we stayed in located in the Old Town of the city. We loved the rustic feel of the place, felt is was plenty spacious enough for the two of us and really enjoyed staying in the heart of the city for exploring and eating out. Also, we had many friendly stray cats come for frequent visits so we ended up buying a lot of cat food to feed them while also offering up plenty of pets.

AirBNB credit for you: https://www.airbnb.ca/c/abergner9?s=8
Apartment in Kotor: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/18283458

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Kotor Apartment Tour in Montenegro Travel Video Transcript:

Okay guys so it is our very last morning here in Kotor and that means one thing. We still need to show you our apartment so we figured since we’re staying in the Old Town we would walk out to the gates which are quite impressive. This is the South Gate over here and we’re going to give you a little tour. We’ll walk through the old town and take you to our little pad for the week.

So we have now made it to this grand staircase which leads us all the way to the apartment. This is also where a lot of stray cats hung out. And we’ve befriended quite a few of them. I think we bought, we ended up buying 4 boxes of cat food.

Well, shall we go inside? Yes, time for the apartment tour. Come on in to our crib in the old town of Kotor (Котор).

This is the entrance and I guess the first thing we can show you is the bedroom since you’re standing right there. This is the bedroom double bed. It was a really good mattress. I slept really well at night. Um, we have a big window here. I should just point out quickly we had a laundry rack. We did do laundry once.

If you follow me I guess the next place we can do is the bathroom. This is just basically your standard bathroom. There is a small little toilet. Here is the water heater. The shower had decent water pressure but it did run out of hot water if both of us showered kind of back to back.

This is the room that I really like. The living area and my favorite thing come closer don’t run away would be this like stone wall. It looks really rustic with like the wooden roof, ceiling, yes.

Here is the wooden ceiling. Just a nice big couch. We did a lot of work here, watched Netflix and you can actually turn this into another bed if you wanted to. We also had a TV but we just never watch tv.

You need to turn on the light to the kitchen. I did quite a bit of cooking here as we ate at home a lot.

It is kind of an electric stove. That is where we’d cook our pasta. Um, washing machine. It was a small kitchen but it had everything we needed. And the location of this apartment right in the Old Town. I mean we’re just like a few blocks from the south gate. Yeah, so that was really cool. Um, so yeah that was the apartment. It was small. It was cozy but it was perfect for two people. So next let’s go to the couch and you can tell us the price.

How much was this place? So this place for one week with a discount was $27 US dollars a night. Yeah. And I thought that was a steal. Right now it is November 20th so we stayed from the 13th until the 20th. I’m guessing in the summer this place might run for double or even triple. I mean the location is unbelievable in the Old Town. Incredible value traveling in the off-season this time.

Um, in terms of our opinion of Kotor (Котор) we really liked it. We thought it was a really cool destination. Wonderful to walk through the Old Town. Hanging out around the harbor was cool. The hike up to the fortress I think was the highlight for both of us.

In terms of like what we didn’t love as much. It was not the best food city. In fact, I would say for our entire trip in the Balkans this has probably are least favorite city for food. We tried eating out a few times and we had kind of okay to average meals. That is our tour and next up in Budva, Montenegro.

This is part of our Travel in Montenegro video series showcasing Montenegrin food, Montenegrin culture and Montenegrin cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

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