Today all information we need to know about even if it is about a faraway land, which we may never get to visit, is available to us with the help of a few clicks. This makes it easier for us to access any information we need very easily. In this article, we will be looking traditional Chinese clothing. We all know that Chinese women are blessed with a nice complexion, dark eyes, and dark hair in general along with a petite frame. They have a distinct way of dressing that makes them look even more feminine and delicate. You may know and have made the effort to learn all about Chinese fashion, but still not be clear about their traditional clothing. This is because the dressing styles and fashion we see today may not be completely traditional though some elements may still be present.


Even look at pictures of beautiful brides from all over the world, may not give you that much of an insight because in this instance, they are wearing their best attire, which they may not wear on a daily basis. We often think about how Chinese women scintillate others with the sensuous delight of silk dresses, which again may not give a clear picture of the way traditional Chinese people used to dress.




Here are some ways in which you can learn about traditional Chinese clothing. Some of the main features of Chinese clothing in the traditional sense include a cross collar, ensuring that the right lapel rests on the left, the use of a sash, a particular type of blouse work with a long skirt or a long gown. Today, you will see that Chinese people only dress in purely traditional attire for special occasions. Rarely will you see the Chinese tunic suit or the Mao suit that used to be prevalent in the early nineteenth century.




Another blast from the past is the cheongsam which would make the women take narrower steps making them look even more feminine than they are. But these are popular even today and sometimes equated with the pencil skirt of the modern world. This garment showcases the female shape beautifully and the slits on both sides make it look even more sexier and also adds to the comfort to enable movement though, as we mentioned earlier, it would mean shortening of the step. The traditional wear for the Chinese would usually be a blouse in a particular pattern along with skirt.




The top would always be a long tunic with very less stitching, a cross collar, the right lapel over the left, it would be looser fitting, have no buttons but fastened with a sash. Though this garment is very simple, the top would look different on different people. The Chinese suit would have a western touch though it would be differentiated by the straight collar and coiled buttons that characterize it. The garments would be made out of linen, cotton or silk.




Apart from the commonly mentioned type of clothing in China, you will see that each province and area will have some changes to the way they dress according to the climate and the needs of the area. You will even today see some traditional touches coming through in the way Chinese people dress. It could be in the use of the colors or the way the prints look different or the way the garments are cut and stitched. This becomes pretty obvious because even if western clothing is adopted, the traditional touches come through and this could be because they work very well on the people there.

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