Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you can’t go on nice afternoon walks. This even holds true if you have little ones! Of course, if you’re going to take baby out for a walk in the stroller down main street or along the nearest nature trail, you’ll both have to bundle up. Besides their coat, mittens, hat, snow pants, and so on, Baby will stay extra toasty if they have a nice, cozy stroller blanket to snuggle under while you take in the fresh air together. Knitted blankets make some of the best and warmest options for great stroller blankets!

Whether you’re knitting a blanket for yourself and your own baby or for someone else as a winter shower gift, there are plenty of patterns out there that appeal to all tastes for both the knitter and the receiver when it’s all finished. Here are some of our favourite ones for your consideration!

1. Chevron baby blanket by Espace Tricot

Chevron baby blanket Knitted Stroller Blankets to Keep Baby Warm This Winter

As if bright stripes of colour and a neat knitted pattern wasn’t enough in a smooth, warm stroller blanket, this pattern also shows you how to create a gorgeously even chevron pattern! The technique looks very complicated because of how the stitches sit on an angle and due to all the colour changes, but it’s a lot easier than you might think! You could use a different colour for every single striped section, alternate colours in a pattern, or knit the entire thing straight through in one colour so just the V shape of the chevron stands out.

2. Baby stroller blanket by Sophie Bergeron

Baby stroller blanket Knitted Stroller Blankets to Keep Baby Warm This Winter

Is your favourite kind of baby blanket to knit the kind where you work on individual pieces at a time and then get to enjoy the fruits of your labours later when you join all the pieces together at the edges like a seam? Then this simple square pattern is perfect for you! You’ll start by knitting several separate granny squares and then you’ll knit them together by picking up the stitches along the edges. We love the way they’ve alternated which colour each square’s stripes start on here!

3. Daydreams stroller blanket by Maie Landra

Daydreams stroller blanket

When it comes to knitting baby blankets, many people tend to learn towards simple and pastel. You’ll find that these designs are always appreciated as classics, but you’ll also find that when many people you know start having babies, you’ll probably want to change your projects up a bit for your own sake! Our experiences here are what made this gorgeously unique stroller blanket catch our eye. Between the pretty lace edging, the angled pattern, and the rainbow variegation, it’s pretty dreamy for both knitter and receiver.

4. Honeycomb stroller blanket by Terry Kimbrough, Susan Lietzsch, and Lucie Sinkler

Honeycomb stroller blanket

Honeycomb patterns are always fun to knit because of the way the colour peekaboos through your chosen edging shade. Many people choose bright, happy colours for the inside of each honeycomb window and a more neutral shade for the edges and base of the blanket, but we think it would also look lovely to choose a colour for your base that contrasts well with each honeycomb colour you’ve chosen!

5. Spud’s stroller blanket by Jyme Parish

Spud's stroller blanket

Are you looking for something chunky, thick, warm, and above all, simple? Then this design is the one you’ve been looking for. It’s knit entirely in garter stitch, meaning that as long as you know how to knit, purl, and change colours for the stripes, you’re all set to start making someone a beautifully colour block baby gift!

6. Tucked stroller blanket by Cheryl Beckerich

Tucked stroller blanket

Whenever our friends show us the baby blankets they’re working on, we find that they tend to choose either colour variegation or cables. It’s not as often that people do both. If you ask us, however, more is more in the case of a baby blanket! You could do this gorgeously simple looping cable in a solid colour too if you preferred, but we love the colour gradient that a variegated yarn creates throughout the pattern.

7. Sophie’s stroller blanket by Red Heart design Team

Sophie's stroller blanket

Speaking of  colour variegation, do you love the idea of showing off a colour gradient and letting the subtle colour changes stand out as the star of the piece with no distractions? Then check out this clean, solid knit pattern. It’s plain stockinette stitch throughout the middle but with a contrasting garter edge, just to keep it from being too plain.

8. Giraffe stroller blanket by Ann Faith

Giraffe stroller blanket

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a fun way to practice picking up stitches to add edges, as well as trying your hand at colour work? Then you might be a big fan of these adorable little giraffes! They’re simple enough as far as colour work goes, making them a great introduction to the technique, but they’re impressive and cute enough to really be appreciated by whoever you gift the blanket too.

9. Winsford stroller blanket by Wyndlestraw Designs

Olympus digital camera

Sometimes the beauty is in the simple details. This blanket might not look like a complicated pattern at first, and it’s not necessarily hard, but if you look careful at the fine stitching pattern and they way the colours change, you’ll see that it’s actually the kind of project you’ll invest a good level of time and effort in. The results are worth it!

10. Lemon Squeezy stroller blanket by Ann Klimpert

Lemon squeezy stroller blanket

Remember when we talked earlier about patterns that let colour shine through in great ways while keeping the actual stitching pattern quite simple? Here’s another for you! The whole blanket is knit in colour blocks of simple garter stitch, meaning that you’re just alternating rows of knit and  purl, but you’ll change colours in neat, even ways periodically. Like you can see in the picture, the simplicity of the stitches makes this the perfect opportunity to get tonal with your wool within the colour blocked gradient. Think ROYGBIV!

11. Cotton Candy stroller blanket by Faye Kennington

Cotton candy stroller blanket

There are so many things to love about this pattern that we’re hardly sure where to start. Firstly, the name “cotton candy” just makes the whole project appealing right off the bat, if you ask us! Beyond that, we’re head over heels for that lacy dual coloured edge. Finally, we can’t get over how the designer found the perfect colours to make the blanket actually resemble cotton candy and cotton candy ice cream! You could choose other colours, of course, but this version that stays true to the name is pretty darn cute.

12. Criss Cross Applesauce stroller blanket by Aimee Alexander

Criss cross applesauce stroller blanket

Bright colours and variegated shades are fun, but sometimes it’s best to just knit someone a classically cream coloured gift. That way it’ll match the colour scheme of their nursery and their stroller and car seat no matter what. We adore this criss-crossing pattern because, despite how very detailed it is, it’s quite simple as long as you’re willing to count and concentrate.

13. Twin Stripes stroller blanket by Amanda Akers

Twin stripes stroller blanket

Are you knitting for a baby who lives in a very cold place and might need a little extra insulation in the winter? Then check out this lined baby blanket idea! We love the cozy look of having one knitting side and one smooth fabric side to add a little extra warmth on chilly morning walks.. The simple stockinette stitching and striping pattern are adorable too and would allow you to work in just about any colour combination under the sun!

14. Pregger in Waiting stroller blanket by Susanne Allen-Wuttke

Pregger in waiting stroller blanket

Besides the hilarious name, this blanket has a whole lot of appeal. The pattern is simpler than it appears because, even though it looks like a set of square inserts, you’re actually just switching from stockinette to garter in even sections. You don’t even have to pick up stitches around the edge; you can simple start in one corner and begin knitting and purling as long as you keep count of where to switch stitches! Stitch markers will do wonders. Try a speckled, variegated, or tonal yarn!

15. Stay-Put stroller blanket by Betty Nolan

Stay put stroller blanket

Are you a huge fan of more novelty style yarns, like fun fur, pom poms, and other fun textures that trend in and out of style? We love those too! Knitting with them is often a great idea budget wise because big trends only last so long and then the crazier kinds of yarn end up in the sale bin for you to grab on the cheap and turn into something beautiful. This gorgeously soft textured yarn is a great example, and the design it’s been knit in is simple to make sure that the colour and feel are able to take centre stage.

Do you have another favourite baby stroller blanket design that you love knitting for your friends’ and family’s newest additions, but that you don’t see on our list? Link us to the pattern or to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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