Kid’s room decor is SO FUN. From pillows, to toys, to wall hangings—there are so many things you can make and add a fun kid twist to! I love this abstract panda mobile and it inspired me to make a clay kitty mobile for Lola’s nursery wall since we have a definite cat theme in her room. I mean, we already have two kitties around the house, so we want to make sure that she is a cat lover too!Supplies:
-oven bake clay in white, gold, and pink
silicon rolling pin
-parchment paper
glue on bails (x5)
-super glue
gold chain
jewelry tool kit
jump rings
-black puff paint or paint pen
kitty template
Print your kitty template and cut out each section. Use your rolling pin to roll out your clay 1/4″ thick in three sections (on top of parchment paper) that are big enough to trace your kitty sections onto.Place your upper body template onto your clay so you can get a general idea of where the template will cover, and then add small thin pieces of gold clay on the areas where you want to add the kitty’s spots. Use your rolling pin to gently press the spot pieces into the larger piece of clay until they are one level piece.Place your upper body template on top and cut out your kitty shape with a clay tool or X-Acto knife.Repeat the same process with the tail section and use the same technique to press in thin triangles of pink where the ears will go. Cut small pink circles for each paw (or use a large straw to cut out circles), place them on top of each paw, and cut out a small triangle for the nose.Bake your pieces in the oven according to package directions and allow them to cool completely. Use your paint pen or puff paint to draw on eyes, a mouth, and a few whiskers. Use the super glue to glue the bails onto the back of your cat pieces so you can connect them with chain. Cut 3 chain sections a 1/2″ long and use jump rings and pliers to connect the chain pieces to the bail loops. Add a large jump ring at the very top as well so you have something to hang your mobile with at the end. Cutie!! The spots on this kitty and the pops of pink give him a bit more dimension and the gold compliments the chain color as well. He looks so sweet on the painted wallpaper over that marble shelf and the pink also matches her colorful wooden coral reef as well (such a pretty toy!!). I love finding more ways to add a feline touch into her nursery and I think this little guy will be a great addition to the group! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.



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