It’s the hub of the home and where we typically spend the most time, so that’s why new kitchen trends and innovations draw the most interest. Anything that can make work easier, storage better and cooking faster will enhance your time in the kitchen. Besides, some of the latest technology is just plain cool. At the 2017 Architectural Digest Design Show, Homedit got a look at the some of the newest appliances and fixtures for the kitchen.


Sleek cabinetry is still hot and this kitchen island from Bauformat includes the latest must-have: Undercounter LED lighting. While it’s a cool look, the addition of lighting under the edge of the counter also serves an in important functional purpose because it means no more digging around in a dark drawer or cabinet.

Handle-less drawers and cabinets are key to a smooth and unobstructed look.
Innovative new porcelain is the latest material to serve as a countertop.

Another great example of a clean, modern look is this kitchen island from Scavolini. It is also innovative because of the porcelain material used for the top. Textured, matte and durable, even when you touch it, it’s hard to believe porcelain is the material. The cabinetry is equally smooth and sleek.

It’s durable and easy-clean so it can be used for a built-in sink.

Cesar, the Italian company based near Venice, presented a cooktop that is rather new for the American market but is more known in the European market. It integrates the burners directly in the countertop, rather than via a cooktop insert. Of course, this cannot be done with every kitchen countertop material — only those surfaces that can take the heat.

Floating burners is a visually cleaner, modern choice.

The minimalist kitchen design also includes a folding shelf that can be turned up to hide small items on the shelf, or be folded down for extra handy storage space while working at the counter. The shelving also has moveable hooks along the bottom for hanging kitchen cloths or utensils.

The shelving is very handy, both when open and when closed.

Ranges and Cooktops

Some of the most attention-getting kitchen innovations are with appliances, especially with cooktops, ovens and ranges. From new sizes to more flexibility in creating a kitchen that works for a family’s lifestyle, there are more options than ever, and the only limit is your dream — and your budget!

More than a century ago, Bertazzoni started as a maker of wood-burning stoves and over the intervening century has evolved into a global purveyor of high-end appliances.  While it creates various sizes of ranges, the highlight was this counter-depth six-burner cooktop, which is desirable for many US homes where custom kitchens use this depth for appliances.

The slimmer range still offers the power of six burners.

Those seeking a more specialized custom cooking experience can look to Jenn Air, whose new offerings include interchangeable cooking components. Here the cooktop features an induction wok segment, a gas-powered standard cooktop and a teppanyaki-style griddle.  Moreover, Jenn-Air is soon launching kitchen components that will work with your Alexa voice-activated home assistant.

A full range of components includes a fryer, smaller gas cooktops, as well as electric induction options.

Wolf also offers custom component options for cooktops. Here, a deep fryer, a grill, gas burner and teppanyaki griddle make up the cooking system. Also available are steamers, electric and induction specialty units.  These allow homeowners to design a kitchen exactly for the type of cooking they do.

This is truly a cook’s kitchen island.

Of course, there are those who will always prefer the power of gas burners, and Wolf offers plenty of options, such as this arrangement. The cooktops come with choices of two, four or five burners.

Wolf is a partner with SubZero, known for their high-end refrigerators.

Ilve, well-known for its ranges that can be ordered in an amazing range of colors, has added new features and sizes. This 36-inch range has an induction cooktop and a larger oven cavity. Originally a smaller 30-inch model made for smaller spaces, this slightly larger version can be had in any custom color.

The range includes a warming drawer.
A larger 40-inch induction version includes two ovens.

Bluestar kitchens highlighted their appliances in a collection of settings that feature styles from US regions. Here, their double ovens in red are paired with green cabinetry and matching custom doors for the refrigerator in a Pacific Northwest kitchen.

The setting also has a Bluestar cooktop.

In a Southwestern color palette, Bluestar features a stunning ventilation hood, and a customizable range with various cooktop options. The range is available in sizes that are appropriate for smaller kitchens as well.

This range features a different handle placement on the smaller oven.

SMEG is definitely known for its colorful appliances and retro style refrigerators, however, their ranges and cooktops are just as bright and innovative. A free-standing model in bright orange enamel is a great way to add a pop to the kitchen along with a highly functional and easy-to-use range. On the shelf behind are 50’s style small appliances that SMEG has introduced in the United States. The colors and retro style appeal to many home and apartment dwellers, whether they are serious cooks or weekend dabblers.

The colors are the one appealing feature of smeg appliances.
Also available in a conservative stainless steel, the ovens have generous cavities.

Small kitchens can also have the latest innovations, such as this compact design from Blomberg. The company offers 24-inch ranges and very compact dishwashers, as well as integrated ventilation and lighting that makes the most of a small space.

All that functionality can be had in this modest space.


Smeg’s dishwashers come in sizes as small as 18 inches for the smallest kitchens, but all have a special system that ensures good water distribution during the washing cycles. A special leak detection system alerts owners if there is a leak, helping to prevent any major water damage in case something goes wrong.

Different door styles are available.

Bosch appliances presented a number of new appliances, including a coffee station and dishwasher, many of which can now be connected wirelessly with control systems like Alexa and Nest. Coffee lovers will adore the built-in automatic coffee machine. Of course, it makes all the coffee drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and such, but the best thing is its programmable functions. You can start your morning coffee while you’re still getting ready. If you’re having guests, you can pre-program their favorite coffee drinks so it makes entertaining easier. Best of all, it can be installed without a water line for manual filling, allowing you to have one just about anywhere.

The machine opens up for easy access to the containers inside.

Bosch has been known for the quietest dishwashers, and now the company has added a third shelf. Called the MyWay Rack, it allows for more flexibility in the way the dishwasher is loaded. The third rack at the top is  deep enough for cereal bowls and can accommodate large cooking utensils. It also has a silverware insert tray. The specially angled top shelf allows you to place stemware in the shelf underneath in a stable way that prevents the glasses from clanking together.

All the drawers glide on the Bosch EasyGlide Rack that uses ball bearings.

Miele also offers their version the third shelf, in the form of the patented 3D cutlery tray. In addition to standard cutlery, it is large enough to accommodate large utensils such as whisks, ladles and spatulas. The design also allows for stemware to be loaded for safe washing.

The new trend to three shelves is very useful.

The latest dishwashers from Thermador have a lighted interior, which is especially helpful with day-to-day usage and finding anything that you might have dropped when loading the dishwasher. It has flexible racks that can adapt to large pots and pans or delicate stemware. The company says it’s dishwashers also have one of the fastest full-load wash cycles.

The blue light looks very cool too.

Sink Fixtures

Innovations and new ideas for sink fixtures like faucets also make use of new technology. This Brizo faucet is the Artesso, equipped with Smartouch technology. The design has an industrial vibe, but is refined enough for any kitchen. In addition to the usual conveniences of a sprayer head style, this model features a magnetic docking system and an LED temperature indicator.

You can choose a spray or stream of water.

Any avid cook knows that a pot-filling faucet can be one of the more functional faucet additions to a  kitchen. This one by Waterworks has a retro feel that works with the red brick tile wall. With a pot faucet, there’s no need to lug big pots of water from the sink, or struggle to fill them under standard sink faucet.

This faucet swivels for ease of filling.


Always on the look-out for good kitchen storage ideas, Homedit found this drawer design from Crown Point Cabinetry. Not only does it feature angled spice storage with ample-sized containers, it has a divided section and both parts are illuminated with LED lights that come on when you open it. No more digging in dark drawers or straining to read spice jar labels.

Crown Point offers a full range of organizing options for drawers and cabinets.


One of the most used essentials in the kitchen is the refrigerator, and new innovations allow for better food preservation as well as convenience and storage capacity.

French doors, such as these on Miele’s refrigerator, are very popular because they allow cooks to store larger platters and pans of food. Opening both doors also allows for a full view of what’s inside.

Produce bins are designed to keep food fresh longer.

Thermador’s newest innovation is special tilting bins for delicate items. Adjustable installed in the door, these bins remove for easy cleaning. They are the perfect spot to store the herbs and items that can become lost or bruised in the bottom of produce bins. They can also be used to store the fruits and vegetables that family members should be choosing for healthier snacks.

If they can see them, they will eat them.

Color is still a trend in kitchens, and as we have already mentioned, SMEG is know for their retro-syle brightly colored refrigerators. This sunny yellow option is a good one as the color is trending.

A full rainbow of hues is available.

The rose gold trend is also hitting kitchen appliances like these stunning models from True. Long a fixture in the commercial kitchen market, True is increasing expanding to the residential market. Their customizable doors are available in various finishes, including glass doors and these matte black versions, that are a perfect and elegant match for the rose gold toned hardware.

This model combines a glass door on one side with a matte black door on the other.

The interior of all True refrigerators are made of stainless steel for durability, ease of care and good sanitation. Just like stainless steel is the material of choice for commercial countertops for its imperviousness to bacteria, it’s the same with the interior of the refrigerator..

Ample lighting and a sleek look are characteristic of the interiors.

Wine coolers are becoming a kitchen staple and are also becoming larger and more specialized. True’s 30-inch wine column has intuitive dual-zone refrigeration for whites and reds, as well as fully extending racks and LED lighting. Plus, there’s room for 150 of your favorite vintages.

Tall, functional and attractive, this model is for collectors and wine lovers alike.


A far cry from the clunky hoods of years gone by, kitchen ventilation is changing, giving homeowners ore and more options. Depending on the size of your kitchen and specifics of your cooktop, there are many different options.

One style making its way from Europe to the Unites States is a fixture that integrates, light, high design and ventilation. This innovative hood from Best range hoods sports a colorful interior and glitzy exterior. This is perfect for a homeowner who wants a functional overhead hood with a an unexpected shape and size.

This is more artful than the standard hood design.

For those who prefer a sleeker kitchen style, retractable hoods offer full-function ventilation that disappears when not in use.  Jenn-Air’s model has a real techno appearance thanks to the way the light reflects off the front panel. At the touch of a button, it retracts into the counter. It’s great paired with an electric or induction cooktop that already provides a minimalist look.

Retractable hoods are among the most modern styles.

Miele also offers a retractable hood with a different look. The rectangular vent has a light at the top that helps illuminate the cooking surface while the hood is in use. The downdraft system can be set up to extract heat and cooking fumes or recirculate them, depending on the limitations of your kitchen design.

This is another sleek option for a minimalist kitchen.

A different option is the angled flat hood that integrates task lighting and ventilation. These are perfect for kitchens in small spaces thanks to the mutlifunctional nature of the product.

This option definitely has a more modern look.

Zephyr range hoods displayed a full line of new options for shapes designs and finishes. From full-size traditionally shaped hoods to integrated ventilation systems, there were may choices. These sleek hoods are a modern version of the traditional hood and sport a new black stainless steel finish that resists fingerprints.

These shiny models include lighting.

Integrated ventilation can virtually disappear into your ceiling or soffit. The interior of the vent has lighting to help illuminate the cooking space. This is a wonderful choice for smaller spaces or kitchens where more prominent overhead ventilation would interfere with the kitchen’s style.

This style of ventilation is functional and unobtrusive.

More standard style kitchen hoods also have innovations, such as the LED lighted model on the right. It provides the power to handle the gas stove model underneath and still has a modern look. The LED light comes in different colors that can be sustained or alternating, depending on personal preference.

Both models are powerful and beautiful.

At the very top of the line are custom hoods, like these from Rangecraft. All the company’s hoods are made to order. In 2016, Rangecraft started a partnership with Swarovski Crystals and now offers luxe accents on its high-end hoods. Below is a more traditional model that is stately and sophisticated.

The company creates custom hoods for celebrities and general homeowners alike.
This modern hood includes a bedazzled accent strip.

All sorts of kitchen tech can make appliances easier to use and more functional, creating a kitchen that is an an even happier part of the home. There are all sorts of options for increased functionality no matter what kitchen style you prefer. If you can dream it, you can probably find it.

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