grey kitchen wood floor combo

In my home, we spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else but it wasn’t always that way. We renovated our kitchen a couple of years ago and since then it has become the place to be.

Even when we have friends over and start the evening in the living room, it’s not long before everyone has moved in to the kitchen. It’s not a massive kitchen or anything but that doesn’t matter. It’s warm, it’s inviting and we all love it there.

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or even updating it (sometimes all you need is new cabinet doors and a new floor for a new look), these beautiful kitchen cabinet and floor combinations will give you a timeless look, fit for a magazine.  And if you’re not renovating anytime soon, you can still dream of that perfect kitchen, right?

When thinking about kitchen cabinet and floor combinations, sticking to neutral colours will help your kitchen stand the test of time and make it look super stylish, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or that white is your only choice. While you can’t ever go wrong with white, soft tones like light grey, or even a light green can work really well.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

all white kitchen

1. White on white
For the ultimate timeless kitchen, white on white is the one to go for. White kitchens never date and adding a white floor creates a seamless stylish space.  If you have a small kitchen, the whole white look can make the space feel bigger as white reflects light. If you’ve already got white kitchen cabinets, you could simply stain or paint your floor white and the whole space will look refreshed and bigger. 

monochrome kitchen with wood floor

2. Monochrome and wood
If you can’t look beyond white cabinets but feel an all white kitchen isn’t for you, consider adding some drama with black. The striking contrast of black and white really works especially when combined with a natural wood floor.  The wooden floor softens the look and adds warmth, without which the space could end up a looking a bit stark or cold.

wooden kitchen cabinet and floor combo idea

3. Wood on wood
Light wood is another style of kitchen that will wear the test of time.  Dark wood on the other hand can look dated quickly so if wood warms you up, stick to the lighter versions. With wood cabinets a wooden floor isn’t the most obvious choice but it totally works.  And if your budget doesn’t stretch to so much wood, a good laminate wood floor will do the trick too, just like in the kitchen above. 

green kitchen cabinets with wooden floors

4. Soft colour and wood
Being minimal and timeless doesn’t have to mean no colour.  I wouldn’t suggest bright colours for a kitchen because it’s easy to tire of them quickly, but softer, more neutral tones will stand the test of time and they look so inviting too. This soft, pale green mixed with warm wooden floors looks stunning especially when you add cooler surfaces like concrete and marble to the look. And if not green, a soft grey is yet another option like in the picture at the top.

stainless steel kitchen with tiled floor

5. Stainless steel and patterned tiles
Stainless steel is so durable and is a cool choice for a kitchen.  But it has a cold, industrial look so for me it works best with patterned tile floors. A simple pattern like the chequered black and white floor looks stylish and adds warmth and personality.  The wooden worktops also bring a softness to the look. The trick is to mix cold, industrial surfaces with warm ones to get a balance and create a kitchen that oozes style and warmth.

dark kitchen cabinets and wood combo

6. Go dark
If you prefer a dark and dramatic kitchen, a dark grey or even black can work really well. In the kitchen above, the cabinets and floor are dark but they’ve brought lightness to the space with the floor to ceiling light wood cabinets at the back and they’ve even got a wooden ceiling. This is a great way to prevent the space from looking too dark.  But of course wooden ceilings aren’t always an option so alternatively, with dark cabinets, a wooden floor and white walls will do the trick too.

What’s your favourite look?

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