Located two hours west of Canberra in the serene Australian countryside, an A-frame rental at Kimo Estate offers a unique glamping experience.

One of the main highlights at JR’s Hut, an off-the-grid glamping destination in Southeast Australia, is without a doubt the views. The panoramic vistas not only capture the magnificent Murrumbidgee River flats and Kimo valley, but also the rolling green hills and beyond. But that’s not all there is to love about this hilltop getaway.

Designed by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects, JR’s Hut is the newest addition to Kimo Estate, a remarkable 7,000-acre property with a rich history dating back to the 1830s. Now a second-generation working sheep and cattle farm, Kimo also welcomes guests seeking an elegant wedding ceremony venue or luxurious rural retreat.

JR's Hut is an off-grid glamping destination near Gundagai, NSW.
A sheltered patio provides the perfect place to sip wine and take in the views.
Given the remote hilltop location, the architects opted for a simple A-frame structure with locally sourced materials.

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