Kids love to pretend being grown ups. They enjoy pretending to cook, to serve meals or to have fake tea with their buddies and you can encourage them to nourish and develop a passion for that by giving them a kids’ kitchen set. It’s fun and educational at the same time and, as it turns out, it can even be the catalyst for an actual career in the domain. Those of you who had a toy oven when they were little probably have a lot of sweet memories related to that. Well, you can give your own kids the opportunity to share in the joy with a much more sophisticated version of that. We have a bunch of cool kitchen sets for kids that we’d like to show you so let’s get started.

Just look at this thing. The Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen Playset is an actual miniature kitchen complete with a stove, a sink, cupboards, drawers, bins and lots of accessories designed to enhance the role play experience. There’s even a window and a dish rack not to mention a refrigerator door with a built-in water dispenser.

The Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Playset has more or less the same features but in a slightly different format. Like the previous model, there are special sounds that make the whole cooking experience seem real (for example the boiling water sound or the sound made by the special frying pan). The countertop mimics the look of real granite and there are also elements that mimic stainless steel (the oven, microwave and the refrigerator).

The Step2 Heart Of The Home Kitchen Playset has its own quirky features such as a pet nurturing center, a recycle bin and a reusable grocery bag. It also has a 41-piece accessory set, a cupboard with translucent doors, a play oven and a farmhouse-style sink. As before, realistic sounds ensure an interactive and fun experience.

The Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen takes up quite a bit of space. After all, it’s a grand kitchen complete with a deluxe refrigerator with working lights, an extra-large oven with a glass front, premium appliances and an elegant subway tile backsplash. The kitchen also comes with a 78-piece accessory set.

This is the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen which comes with an impressive 103-piece accessory set. It’s also complete with a grill, a stove top, a refrigerator with water dispenser and a microwave oven. There’s also a large sink with a faucet and even a phone. The entire set has a very nice retro vibe and the walk-in design and attached bar/ dining area make it perfect for playdates.

The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen is surprisingly realistic-looking and has a very nice modern vibe given by the overall simplicity of the design and the clean lines featured throughout. This kids’ kitchen set is designed to fit in a corner and includes a refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave oven and a dishwasher, all with operable doors.

The Step2 Grand Walk-in Play Kitchen is also pretty sleek and realistic-looking. Its design is modern and simple with a lot of attention to details. The fridge and the oven have glass-front doors that let kids see what’s going on inside and the sink has a goose-neck style faucet. The extended breakfast bar provides extra storage space and a nice additional surface…just like a real one would.

The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is not as big as others but large enough to let two or more kids to play at the same time. The design is simple and kid-friendly, complete with a pretend refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher and a bunch of fun features such as a chalkboard surface and a cute towel rack on the side.

The colorful Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset features lilac and pink accents and incorporates an oven, microwave, a refrigerator and a sink plus a built-in baby chair for dolls. Like all models we’ve looked at so far, this one also comes with a special pan and a pot with electronic frying and boiling water sounds.

If you’re looking for something a bit more compact, check out the Teamson Kids Kitchen Playset which comes equipped with things like a microwave, an oven, a small sink, some storage space and accessories. The structure is sturdy and made of eco-friendly MDF decorated with lead-free paint.

Kitchen playsets are not just fun but also educational. The Little Tikes Cook’n’Learn smart kitchen stands out from the crowd thanks to a set of special features which allow it to be interactive and to be used together with an app available for smartphones and tablets.

Another cute option is the KidKraft Kids Kitchen Playset featured here with a funky red finish. It includes a removable sink, a stovetop and an oven with knobs that turn and make a click noise. There’s also an open storage area at the bottom, a towel rack on the side and a handy shelf/ bar at the top.

Kids like to pretend cooking but they also enjoy serving their pretend dishes. The Fisher-Price Servin’Surprises Kitchen&Table combines these two elements into a compact, interactive play center. There’s an oven that slides off, a storage space at the center of the table, serving trays and all sorts of accessories which are individually recognized and which trigger a phrase, a sound effect or a song.

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Your toddler might also love this Eight24hours Kids wood kitchen playset which, as you can see, includes plenty of storage inside the lower cabinets. The sink is removable, there’s also a stovetop, a microwave, a dish rack, a towel bar and backsplash hooks for utensils.

If pink is the preferred color, we have a few more options for you to have a look at. One of them is this Kids Cookie Pretend Playset with a cute polka dot backsplash, storage cabinets, a sink and a microwave oven. We like the different shades of pink and lilac….they give the set a chic look.

You can also find that cute pink and lilac kitchen playset we just talked about in other fun colors. In fact, this version combines several: a solid pink, orange and green blended with a white frame. All the doors of the set open and close, the knobs twist and click and the overall design is very fun and kid-friendly. Available on Amazon.

Let’s now get back to pink because it’s a very pretty color. Check out the Han-MM Kids Playset and its cute and stylish design. It’s also compact and which means it fits in just about any play area. It includes a stove top with lights and sounds, a sink, two storage cabinets and two pots.

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In a real kitchen, every little bit of space matters which is why compact and expandable designs are very appreciated. In the case of a pretend kitchen set, such a design would add a dose of realism plus it would also be very practical storage-wise. That being said, check out the Uptown Espresso Playset. It can be used in its compact form but it can also be expanded; fun for the kids and easy to store when not in use. The design is also great because it allows two or more kids to play at the same time, each at their own station.

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