Following our summer crafts, we are making paper plate purses that your kiddos can easily make using things you already have. These paper plate purses are just way too cute, I almost made myself one to try out but my wallet, makeup, keys and all the unnecessary things I have in my bag just wont fit.

Let’s get summer crafting with the kids indoors, because sometimes the heat outdoors may be impossible some days.

You will need the following:

  • Paper plates
  • Old shoe laces or string
  • glue or hot glue
  • black marker
  • light pink paper


  • First cut a paper plate to about 1/3 across the top.
  • Draw or place sticker eyes onto the plate. We used some vinyl eyes we created using Cricut Air 2. Cut out two small circles out light pink paper to form the cheeks and glue them just below the eyes.
  • Caution if using hot glue gun. Glue the  half paper plate to a full size paper plate. 
  • Using a hole puncher, make two holes on each side of the plate, just below the top half plate. Tie in some old shoe laces or string. 

My daughter was so happy with her quick paper plate purse, she filled them with her favorite things!