The season for bbq parties has officially started (at least in some areas of the globe) so it’s time to start planning all the fun activities and friendly gatherings you’ll be enjoying this summer. First things first: you should pick a venue. We actually have a great idea for that: your very own backyard. You could have an outdoor kitchen or a bbq area set up there and you could have a great time with family and friends without even leaving the house. But in order to ensure a successful summer full of outdoor fun, you should already get started on the construction or the makeover of your bbq area. As always, we have some ideas that might inspire you.

The first source of inspiration is the Zeidler Residence which was designed by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects. Naturally, with such a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, the house was designed to take advantage of its location and that meant a very close and seamless relationship between the indoor and the outdoor spaces as well as a series of al fresco spaces such as this stylish bbq area which keeps the decor simple and bright.

The view, although very important in its own way, is not the only detail which makes up a great outdoor area. Privacy is perhaps just as important, as proven by the Spring Valley House designed by StudioMET in Houston, Texas. One of its best features is the open kitchen/ dining/ living area which has this great bbq area by the pool.

For an even more seamless indoor-outdoor transition, the bbq area can come in the continuation of the kitchen, like this one designed by Sublime Architectural Interiors for a residence in Queensland, Australia. The indoor and the outdoor kitchen mirror each other, each featuring minimalist cabinetry and either a cooktop or a bbq installation and an island/ table.

A similar transition, this time perhaps even more seamless, is featured here in the design of the North Bondi House designed by MCK Architects. Notice the matching proportions of the kitchen cabinetry and of the outdoor island and the overall minimalism which allows the emphasis to be on the tranquil ambiance. Although small, this backyard doesn’t look or feel tiny thanks to the overall simplicity and openness of the design.

This whole house designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects feels like a giant balcony meant to capture the beautiful views of the beach. That being said, the name Balcony Over Bronte is pretty accurate for this project. A particularly charming space is the bbq area which is not entirely open or outdoors per se. It has this curved wall which wraps around the cooking station and the bench, providing shade and privacy and a roof which shelters the dining area.

There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to the seating arrangements on this deck designed by Richard Kirk Architect as part of the Elysium 176 project. An outdoor island is the piece of resistance, featuring a built-in bbq station and a design that matches the house, its architecture and appearance entirely. Further more, the low wooden guardrails which delineate the space comfortably double as benches.

This house is Los Altos, California has a pretty great bbq area too. We like the fact that the cooking island is placed some distance from the seating area. This ensures a comfortable degree of privacy for both areas plus the functions are nicely defined this way as well. This was a project by Dotter Solfjeld Architecture.

If you want to put an emphasis on coziness and comfort, consider using curves rather than straight lines and sharp angles and edges. A nice example in this sense is this rustic patio which has a bbq area positioned in the corner and a round table at the center.

You don’t need a lot of space to create a welcoming and inspiring bbq area. Check out this contemporary patio for example. It’s not exactly large but it has a compact cooking area on one side and a very comfy sitting area on the other.

It could be practical to give the bbq area a sort of roof for protection from harsh sunlight but also rain, sort of like this small roof section which features built-in spotlights, yet another practical design feature. There’s plenty of counter space for prepping and cooking, storage underneath and a shelf that keeps some items handy. It’s the little things that matter.

It’s hard to determine whether this bbq area in indoor or outdoor. On one hand it has a roof, walls and even windows but on the other hand there’s a big section that’s left exposed to the surroundings. It would be fair to say this is a very interesting hybrid that puts together the best of both worlds.

It’s important to ensure an easy transition between the indoor living area and the outdoor deck/ patio because otherwise the experience is simply not as enjoyable. You can find inspiration here where you can see large sliding glass doors separating the living area from the outdoor dining space/ bbq area set up on the patio.

It can also be nice to ensure a seamless transition between the patio and the garden or the rest of the backyard space and this could be done through a careful selection of the materials, finishes and colors. Take this covered patio for instance. It has tiled flooring which looks quite similar to the paved pathway that runs through the garden.

For an even more enjoyable and comfortable experience it would be nice to have not just a bbq area but a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with a sink, storage and everything so you don’t have to go inside the house at all. That way you can fully enjoy the outdoors.

There are also numerous other things that you can do to make the whole experience of dining outdoors more enjoyable. For example, you could extend a sunshade over this space to block some of the light and heat, sort of like it was done for this lovely deck. In this case there’s also another cool detail to take into consideration. The island has a lush green backdrop.

A grill on one side, coolers on the other and plenty of space in between…what else could you want from an outdoor dining/ bbq area? This beach-style desk manages to be very cozy while maintaining its simplicity and, as always, the secret is in the details, things like area rugs, centerpieces, pleasant lighting and other elements.{found on limetreealfresco}.

Make the most out of a deck by incorporating as many features as you want without making the space seem too cluttered. This approach goes hand in hand with a minimalist design like this one. Notice the smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor plus the wonderful set up out on the deck. The view is nice, the fire pit and the sitting area are cozy and the bbq area is neatly placed in the corner.

If you’re a fan of well-organized setups and sturdy structures, you might enjoy giving your bbq area a roof, solid flooring and some storage. You could frame the space with some sort of structure like a gazebo. There’s no need for walls. the roof can only be supported by columns.

Similarly, this contemporary patio features a covered outdoor cooking area while the dining table, the bar and the fire pit are spread around it. The level differences and the overall arrangement of these functions help make the most out of this backyard.

An inspiring design strategy is to treat the patio like a living space. That means rugs, sofas, upholstered furniture, cozy cushions and pillows, a TV, a fireplace and an overall warm and inviting ambiance. It would be useful to protect the space with a roof or a pergola.

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