Keys to refresh and enjoy your terrace – balcony in the spring: 25 ideas for inspiration

It seems that we can finally say goodbye to the intense cold thanks to the arrival of spring. Although it is not yet possible to go with short sleeves, the truth is that you already want to go out and let yourself swim in the sun at the best of its times. The keys to enjoying the terrace in the spring lead to cleanliness. You need to start cleaning the closed space for a long time. Breakfast on your balcony, coffee after lunch, or afternoon reading near the flowers are very appetizing activities.

Cleanliness will be one of the keys to enjoying the terrace in the spring. You need to tidy up space and then dress it up with the right furniture, light it up and decorate it with plants.

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Start by doing a deep cleansing. Without having used them for months, they will definitely get dirty. Wipe, clean, and dust. Also, take the opportunity to do this pending floor reform: put in new flooring, fix this broken tile…

It’s time to plant new species, or even design a garden. An agronomist will give you recommendations on techniques that make your plants bloom better and give you information on the most suitable seasonal species.

Once everything is clean, it is time to take out the outdoor furniture. Take the opportunity to make a different distribution. It does not matter if your outdoor space is large or small. There are solutions for all tastes and for all budgets.

The decoration of the exterior in the spring is seen in the mirror of the colorful fabrics. Among them, you should not forget a few blankets, because the night is still a little cold

Do not forget the textile accessories, which are the great allies of decoration, also outdoors. Spring fabrics are the first choice, but also the stripes are great for the outdoors.

Vivid and energetic colors are the majority choice, but if you prefer something more minimalist, the black and white combination is a winner. Dress the chairs with pillows or covers and choose an outdoor rug.

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Although the temperature is more than pleasant, it gets cold at night, so some blankets to be comfortable will not hurt. You can place them on the backs of the chairs or in a wicker basket. The important thing is that they must be ready.

We can not forget the lighting of the terrace. During the day we will not have a problem thanks to natural light, but at night there are no light spots. Try to be hospitable and slim, invest in items such as chains, and light garlands or candles and lanterns.

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So are you ready to enjoy the terrace in the spring?




















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