Exemplifying the timelessness of understated design and architecture, it’s no wonder this Kew townhouse was honoured the 2018 Boroondara Urban design award

It’s a fine line between what’s simple and basic. But with a balanced eye and considered planning comes the ability to create a home that is timeless and enduring in its integrity. Externally, the home’s sandstone and bronze window detailing is inspired by the historic design of 30’s Melbourne, while its internal life is smooth and contemporary, reflecting the style and substance that is to be found inside. Spaciousness and freedom to move is prioritised via the double height volume and open plan kitchen area. With floor to ceiling glass doors opening to the courtyard and pool, an abundance of light and visual space is deftly achieved.

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Neutral tones are consistently established throughout which brings a sense of unity and togetherness which harmoniously complements the overall design principles. Darks are darker and whites are whiter securing a dramatic contrast. With the freedom of space and generosity of light combined, the interior décor can truly shine furthering creative possibilities for both the designers as well as owners. What is quite possibly one of the standout features of this home is the elevator which will prove to be of invaluable assistance as the owners age. Undoubtedly, it will also score points with the younger ones as well.

Upstairs, a seemingly infinite stretch of wardrobe space can be seen in the bedroom, cleverly achieved by the mirror situated at the end of the way. The bathroom stands as a prime example of the illusions that come with properties featuring overlapping, block-like shapes such as this one. One tilt of the head allows you to look straight past the shower and into the sky – a unique experience which we’re sure makes everyday a little different. A free standing bath opposite of the shower adds a sophisticated touch. A versatile home which doesn’t age, its cool simplicity will see this Kew townhouse forward for years to come.

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