A comic collector might never satisfied if they don’t have all of their favorite comic series. They who collects comics you probably get excited when you find rare valuable books. To protect your collection it is important to practice proper comic book storage. Some collections may be valued at several thousand dollars so it is very important that you learn to properly store your collection.

People who collect comics are proud to show off their most valued and popular books. These collectors attend trade shows and auction to find their treasures. Many people who have sizable collections will display what they own at different conventions. The book that has minimal wear and has been properly stored will have a higher value. There is a way to store the books that will ensure the least damage over the years.

If you are not one of the collector, perhaps your kids love to have all of their favorite comic series and need to be facilitated with a proper storage. This time, we are going to talk about some comic book storage ideas that might help you to get some inspiration for organizing your space. Let’s take a look at the ideas we’ve already collected for you below.

1. Attractive Category Labels

Make a creative comic book storage by adopting this idea. Put them in a category based on the title or genre. Label it with creative visual just like what you can see from the picture below.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 1
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2. Creative Wooden Floating Shelf

This simple and creative wooden floating shelf is very good if you don’t have too much space on your floor. It also have a good way to display your favorite comic books.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 2
Image via bookcoverimgs.com

3. Categorized Drawers

Or you can get this kind of drawers for your collections. It is a good news if you already have one. You only need to categorize them based on whatever you want.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 3
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4. Unique Floating Shelves

Creative floating shelves for comic book storage? Why not? Look at this reference of unique floating shelves that really give you a lot more space to store your dearest collections.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 4
Image via www.iconhomedesign.com

5. DVD Rack

You might ever seen this rack for storing DVDs. But what if your comic book collections are too plenty, more than your DVDs. This alternative problem solving is not a bad idea. It will make you have a mini modern library, right?

Comic Book Storage Ideas 5
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6. Huge Book Shelf

There is no doubt that if you have a plenty collections of comic books, you should have a huge space to store them. You can always use your huge shelf in your living room or bedroom to store you collections. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you arrange it in a good and catchy look.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 6
Image via erahomedesign.com

7. Simple Wooden Floating Shelf

If your kids need a place for their comic book collection, this simple idea might help them to have tidy and well-managed comic book collections. With simple wooden floating shelf that as tall as they are, they will easily make their own collections and tidy room.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 7
Image via erahomedesign.com

8. Wooden Shelf and Categorized Storage Basket

When you were young, this style of storage might be used for storing your toys or any other small playing stuffs. But as you get to know how to read and putting your attention to a lot of comic book series and collections, you can re-use the concept.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 8
Image via www.smallroomideas.com

9. Wooden Comic-sized Drawers in Shelves

Make it easy by choosing this simple wooden comic-sized drawers in shelves, just like what you can see from the picture below. You might make it by yourself or find it in shop, it’s up to you.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 9
Image via boards.collectors-society.com

10. Creative Black Floating Shelves

Adopt this idea of creative black floating shelves to store and display you favorite series. It might not fit plenty of comic books, but you can improve the concept and make a beautiful comic books’ library.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 10
Image via pinterest.com

11. Comic Book Display Rack

Having a comic book display rack for a personal property? Why not? You can make it easy to find with a touch of unique shape for your room, too!

Comic Book Storage Ideas 11
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12. Stair Book Shelves

Have you ever seen this type of book storage? It might be the most creative idea to adopt for your comic book collections. But it might have a little bit more effort to make it looks wonderful just like the picture below.

Comic Book Storage Ideas 12
Image via www.pinterest.com

Preserving your collection will maintain its value and readability. Have a good time in organizing your comic book collections. If you are looking for another kind of storage, you might love to read our post about storage basket for shelves and cube storage shelves. Enjoy!

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