This year at Euroluce 2017 from Salone Del Mobile, the star of the event was the stand presented by Karman, an Italian company specialized in lighting. The event took place between the 4th and the 9th of April and, although there were many interesting installations, we were mesmerized by the stand of Karman Italia. This is a company founded in 2005 on the idea that lighting is this harmonious mixture of function and magic.

One way to describe the style of this company is as an unusual combination of ideas, concepts, materials and forms. Its collections are materializations of relatable real life elements. Various styles blend and coexist harmoniously, placing the lighting fixtures somewhere between traditional and modernity with a hint of industrialism and retro charm.

The Karman stand at Euroluce 2017 perfectly captures the essence of the company. It was designed as a lush, tropical garden decorated with vintage-industrial features like ornate furniture but also bikes, a motorcycle and even a car. They all have this very worn and rusted look which gives them character.

The design of the stand is meant to tickle the senses and to introduce the visitors into a home-like atmosphere defined by playful harmony where the lighting fixtures are displayed in interesting and intriguing ways. Indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures are sprinkled throughout the stand, casually becoming a part of the decor.

Every lamp and every sconce has something to say and their messages are focused on freedom, originality and innovation. The line between looks and function, between illumination and decoration is impossible to detect. These elements complement each other and the fixtures become sculptures, beautiful decorations meant to blend in perfectly.

For Karman, the goal of every collection is to stand out in original and unpredictable ways. This is a company that sees lighting as a continuous source of inspiration and always looks as it from different perspectives, experimenting with new and unconventional materials and ideas in order to inspire emotion. These out-of-the-box collections are centered around bold and ironic designs and reinterpretations of classic shapes that take on new functions.

Karma Italia produces indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures defined by simplicity but not a monotonous and boring way. The company gives new meaning to this term and reinvents it in new and interesting ways. The designs are original and perfect for the personalization of various types of environments.

Inspired by nature with a funky twist. Aprile is the name of this quirky lighting fixture which looks like a fish dressed up with leaves and flowers. It’s a piece designed by Matteo Ugolini.

Also designed by Mateo Ugolini, the Bacco lamps stand out in a surprisingly simple way. They’re bascially bottles made of white frosted glass and they’re meant to be used as suspension lamps although they look very natural when placed casually on a table as well.

With DÉJÀ-VU NU, the designer took a classical idea and gave it a modern and playful spin. These hanging candle lights can be used in groups or clusters to create a chandelier-like design but they also look wonderful when displayed individually.

Inspired by garden tools, the Tobia series brings a little bit of magic outdoors. It’s as if the old and forgotten garden rake came to life. What a wonderful way of blending the outdoor light fixtures with the decor and the essence of the environment.

There’s also a little bit of magic in the Norma M collection designed by Edmondo Testaguzza. This series reminds us a bit of the tale about the beauty and the beast where everything in the castle came to life. They may look like simple table lamps but they can be displayed in lots of ways, including on the floor or hanging from the ceiling like pendant lamps.

There’s something very intriguing about the Sisma lamps. On one hand, they have this oversized lamp skeleton made of welded metal pieces and you’d expect a single big light bulb inside the lampshade but then you realize that there are actually several small Edison bulbs hanging casually at different heights.


We find the design of the Ti Vedo lamps to be very clever and cute, although it could seem a little big creepy in certain contexts. These owls have light bulbs as eyes and they look straight at you. The lamps are designed to be used indoors and they can look charming on tables but also directly on the floor. They’re made of white ceramic.

How cool is it to have the moon in your garden? Actually, it’s just a replica and it’s meant to serve as a source of light. The ULULÌ – ULULÀ series is a collection of outdoor table/ floor lamps made of white painted fiberglass with lace inserts.

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