Reconceptualizing the rowhouse, this renovation and expansion of a 1,100 s.f. wood frame house into a 3,100 s.f. two family dwelling, is piggy-backing a triplex owner’s unit behind a duplex rental. This unique configuration has been termed “Kangaroo House”, . The existing building was a two story 1899 wood frame house, that had been stripped of detail and left in disrepair. The 2000 s.f. expansion utilized the full width of the site and was built in concrete block and steel frame. The stair and skylight are the backbone of the owner’s unit, providing a connection between the rear yard, the sunken living room, the 3rd floor master bedroom suite and rooftop garden access.
The dual identity is not evident from the street or to the tenants as each unit offers its individual entrance and with it a sense of privacy and ownership.