The June issue has been posted to the German and Russian Burda sites. Normally June isn’t one of my favorite issues of the year, but I actually think there are some interesting things to look at in this issue – at least in terms of trends and popular styles that are coming out this summer. As always there’s a lot to see, so let’s take a look!

The summer issues typically don’t have a lot of jackets, but we do get a long and short option this month:

117 & 116 – So these are styles I wouldn’t necessarily be excited by if I just saw the line drawing, but I think Burda has perfectly styled them to make them look interesting. I love the bright print on the longer version (though the pattern matching on the garment photo leaves something to be desired I think), and the sequin bouclé fabric on the short version is stunning (McCall’s has also used a similar fabric in their summer releases – my review is coming shortly) and I absolutely need to find some. I mean, I don’t because I don’t need more fabric, but, really, I do. As far as the pattern goes, I think the collar adds just enough fitted structure to offset the slightly oversized shape of the jacket. I also really like the very geometric seam lines and the way the pockets are constructed on the longer version.

Heading into summer we typically see a lot of dresses, but I can’t say any of these are particularly unique styles this month:

107 & 108 – This sort of boxy style dress isn’t anything unique for Burda, and I think the early McCall’s releases this year had most of us over the ruffle trend before it even got going, but I have to say that I actually like the ruffle dresses here. The proportions are quite lovely, and I like the relaxed feel the dropped shoulder seam adds to the overall look.

103 & 104 – I feel like this style is really similar to previous styles from Burda, so it feels less exciting than some of the other options. It looks like it would be a comfortable dress to wear during summer, but there isn’t much here that is too exciting pattern-wise.

118 – This wrap style dress is also not particularly new, but I do think it is quite cute. I like the mix of the slightly puffed sleeves with the collar detail, and I think Burda’s garment image is really selling me on this look. Not particularly unique, but still super cute.

120 – This dress is also a mix of a lot of elements that have been utilized in other Burda styles of the past, so despite being pretty it also feels a bit lackluster. I think the use of the bright red was a nice touch from Burda’s styling team, but overall this dress doesn’t feel like it is adding anything new to the pattern collection.

The tops for this month are all definitely geared towards summer:

122 – This is the “trendy” pattern for the month – definitely making use of the ruffle trend. I’m not such a fan of the ruffly-ness, but I sort of appreciate the modern day Edwardian aesthetic going on here. I think it looks much better and more interesting on the model than it does in the line drawing.

106 & 105 – This is a pretty basic tank top. Like, a really basic tank top. The ruffled version does have a fun summer vibe, but the plain version really screams “it’s hot, and I’ve given up.” Not that there is anything wrong with that. I mean, to be fair, it’ll probably be the most practical summer quarantine pattern in this issue, but, still. Not that exciting.

121 – This is a vintage pattern that we get for the issue. I think the curved button tabs and repeated pleating on the front and back are details we just don’t see in modern clothes. It’s not my favorite vintage re-release, but it’s still pretty cute.

114 – I think the photo of the blue top on the model makes this shirt pattern more exciting than it actually is. I was sort of intrigued that the cold shoulder top was making a comeback, but, no, it’s not. It’s just a very long open sleeve design which is sort of interesting, but I also have the desire to see how this pattern works in practicality. I do like the gathered shoulders, and I think the drape on the models makes it a much more interesting design than it appears to be when just considering the line drawing.

111 – This looks like a pretty standard tunic design, but I do like the elongated sleeves and deep-V neckline. It would be a nice style for use with a linen so it would be really cool to wear over the summer.

115 – This wrap style top is also not something new, but I do think it looks cute in this fun print, and I really like the pipping detail around the collar and cuff.

I think the bottoms might be the most exciting options in this issue:

101 – Ok, can I say I’m just sort of obsessed with this jumpsuit pattern? It’s the perfect quarantine outfit because it would totally work as pajamas and as a socially acceptable “going out” (to the grocery store for necessities) look. I really like the twist front detail, and I think it would look good in both prints and a solid. In another time, I would also say it would be a great swimsuit cover-up, because it looks like it would be super easy to pull on.

112 & 113 – I also really like these shorts/culottes. The sequin hem detail is super fun, and I really like the more tailored look to these styles. The side zip also means it would be a faster/easier construction process, which is nice.

119 – These shorts are like the ultimate casual short. I like the curved hem detail, and the vaguely 70s vibe.

109 & 110 – These skirts aren’t the most exciting option this month – they sort of fall into that “functional but not exciting” category. I think the overlap could potentially be a point of concern – it’s not really clear how much overlap exists on the front of this pattern, so jury is out on the practicality of this pattern.

The Burda Plus section has a retro 50s style that’s actually pretty fun this month:

125 – This dress isn’t overly detailed, but I do think it is pretty cute. I like the shape of the v-neck and the circle skirt. Burda’s styling is also super fun for this section this month.

126 – I think the straps are super fun on this top. The button front it also nice, though based on the styling it looks as though the pattern may not be intended to fit over the top of the bust? Or perhaps the pattern wasn’t sized appropriately for the model. Hmmm….

124 – This top isn’t particularly exciting to me; the twist top looks a bit too messy and the other design features (the bell sleeves and puffed shoulders) are a bit lost in the overall style.

123 – This is a nice basic knit top. I like the v-neckline and the elongated side seams.

127 – I do think these pants are really cute though. The ruffle detail is fun, but easy enough to leave off for a more streamlined capri pant.

We get a men’s pattern this month as well:

128 – As is the trend with most of this issue, this shirt doesn’t seem like anything particularly new from Burda, but any time we get a men’s pattern it’s sort of exciting, so I’m still happy we are getting this in the magazine this month.

The kids section is likewise unremarkable, with some pretty generic styles:

The nice thing about these styles is they all look very simple to sew, but they certainly aren’t particularly interesting or inspiring.

And now we’ve looked through everything, which means it is time to pick the Best of BS for June 2020:

I’m giving the top pattern pick this month to the twist top jumpsuit. I think it is a nice blend of “theoretical life vacation by the beach” needs and “real life stuck home in quarantine” needs. It has a nice mix of casual and comfortable while still looking happy and joyful.

On the other hand, the BWTF pick for June goes to:

The DGAF tank top. I get the easy summer vibe that Burda is going for here, but really, there just isn’t a whole lot going on with this tank top. It loses out for being the most boring style in an issue that feels like it is full of repeats from previous designs.

And that’s it! This is one of those issues where I feel it could be really great if you don’t have an extensive Burda stash, but feels kind of boring if you do. I think there are a lot of styles that I like (I’m definitely adding the jumpsuit and sequin trimmed trousers to my list, and I like many of the dress styles), but nothing here really feels totally new and unique. It’s interesting to see the ruffles coming into play a bit more in Burda’s designs, though they are certainly much more restrained than McCall’s was earlier in the year. It’s also interesting to see the sequin trend happening (which we will also see in the McCall’s summer release). Obviously, these photo shoots happen months in advance, so it is quite probable that this was put together long before the current pandemic hit, but I think it will be really interesting to see which trends persist and which trends don’t as post-pandemic designs start showing up. But what do you all think? Are you inspired to sew any of these early summer looks? Or is all of this a boring re-has of styles where you’ve been there, seen it, and done it already? Did you summer sewing plans have a big shift due to the pandemic? Or are you going to keep on with your original sewing goals? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!