Happily, unlike last month, it seems the accessibility of Burda will be a bit more predictable. If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, you can check out my news posts about the closing of GLP here, and the update here. Following various social media accounts it seems as though some people have started to receive the June issue; I’ll post a further update to the saga in a few days after I see if my original subscription copy arrives. In the meantime, BurdaStyle German has posted the preview of the July issue. Every year it feels like there is one summer issue that just feels far too basic and dull. Unfortunately, it seems like it is the July issue this year. There are still a lot of new Burda designs to look at though, so let’s dive in.

First up are the jackets and toppers:

I like this blousy jacket. It makes sense as a lightweight cover that could be used for a cool, but not necessarily cold, summer night. It has a deconstructed bomber jacket feel, but with the hint of a more formal collar, so it could actually be a bit more versatile than it at first appears. Obviously, it lacks a lot of yummy detail and tailoring, but I can appreciate it from a practicality standpoint.

I really like this longer cardigan/jacket as well. I think it looks really cute as a beach cover up, but it could also be a great pattern to use for the transition to fall if it were made in a heavier fabric.

There are also a variety of dresses this month:

This maxi dress is actually pretty cute; the proportion of the large top ruffle creates a nice effect. It feels simple enough for an easy summer style, but with a hint of detail coming from the ruffle. It also looks to have an elastic waist, which is a nice feature to keep it from being overwhelmingly voluminous.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been or ever will be a fan of these types of dresses, but I can understand the practicality of it for a day when it’s just too hot to bother with lots of clothes. Not sure how practical the neckline is for most people, but that’s really the only thing of interest with this dress, so I’ll give it a pass.

This is a nice fitted dress with an interesting waist detail. Simple, but cute.

This dress is another with minimal details to comment on, though I will say the neckline is more practical than the floral one above. And I do like the fabric Burda used here; it gives the dress an interest that look that it wouldn’t necessarily have in a solid fabric.

I hesitate to call this a dress; it is really more of a swimsuit cover up, but it has the appearance of a dress, so here it is. Burda did a similar style a few years back – it is essentially one of those things that could be great if you want an easy to make coverup, but probably doesn’t have a ton of practicality otherwise.

There are a lot of tops this month; Burda is definitely into the idea of summer separates:

This top feels vey similar to other Burda patterns we’ve had recently. I do like the bold print Burda has used, but it does make it a bit hard to judge how the hem detail reads on the body.

I think Burda has done a nice job of styling this top. It has some cute details with the ruffles, and the mix of fabrics is also interesting.

I really like the look of this top. The asymmetry gives it some interest, yet it also looks like it would be very easy to construct. Seems like a great summer project!

I’m less excited by this top, but I do think it could be a really useful piece to have in a summer wardrobe. It looks like it could be easily worn under a jacket as part of a more formal look, or as part of the more casual looks seen here.

This top also feels very similar to styles we’ve had in the past, but it would also be pretty versatile in terms of styling.

The sleeves on this top are so cute! It’s a nice to see an interesting detail on a shirt that still feels like a wardrobe basic. It would also be easy enough to leave off the added detail to have a really great scoop neck t-shirt pattern.

The top version of the maxi dress from above. I actually really like this as a top as well.

Another style that feels pretty similar to things we’ve had in the past. I do like the presentation here; the print is very pretty. The neckline looks pretty open though – it might be worth a test run before cutting into the really good fabric.

This tunic top has some nice details. I do like the added pipping on the blue version.

Also, we get a bathing suit! I actually think this style is really cute. Personally I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with having such a large opening below the bust, but I do think the design lines are cute.

We also get a decent mix of bottoms in this issue:

I feel like these skirt/pant/culotte bottoms were a trend for a while, then disappeared, and now are back. I think they look very fun in this bright print, but I’d be curious to see how this pattern would look made up in a solid. I think it has potential to be an interesting design though.

These pleated shorts are pretty interesting. I really like the solid version; the drape of the fabrics almost makes them look like a pleated skirt, which has a really pretty effect. The waistband treatment is also pretty interesting – it seems high waisted styles are coming back into fashion.

The capris would be pretty basic without the hem bows. Burda really seems to be into the bow trend this month, but at least it adds a fun detail of interest. Overall I think this looks is a pretty fun style for summer.

The waistband of this skirt is really cool! I also really love the way this style looks in both the print and the solid. The buttoned version is also really on trend based on the patterns we’ve seen from the Big 4/1 this year.

The Burda Plus section seems to be about on par with the rest of the month’s offerings:

The extra ruffles on this robe seem a bit excessive. I feel like the idea could be cool, in the way that the similar style is in the other size range, but here there’s just a bit too much going on.

These capri jeans with a side zip aren’t particularly exciting, but they do seem quite practical.

I love the way this top has been photographed on the model – it really sells me on the top. I’m still unconvinced as to the practicality of this sort of neckline, but I think it is pretty. And it looks super cool in the border print fabric that was used in the sample.

I find this tunic top to be a bit dull. It’s one of those patterns that is fine, but not overly exciting.

Perhaps I prefer it a bit more as a dress? But I’m still generally in camp meh over here.

This dress isn’t particularly exciting as far as the pattern or details go, but effect on the model is really nice. One of those effortless chic vibes that can’t really be obtained with a more detailed style.

We also get a men’s pattern this month!

Can’t say I find this to be the most exciting menswear pattern we’ve had from Burda, but the collar detail does seem a bit unique for menswear, so that’s nice.

The kids section seems pretty limited this month:

There aren’t many kids options this month, but it does make a pretty versatile girls summer capsule with a dress, top, shorts, and swimsuit. The addition of the scallops and ruffles makes it all feel pretty cohesive and somewhat unique.

And that’s it! Which means it is time to pick the best and worst patterns for the month. It’s a bit tricky because nothing stood out as being particularly good or particularly bad. There was a whole lot of meh. But, in the end, I decided to go with what I thought might be the most popular pattern and give the Best of BS July 2019 to:

Twist sleeve stripe top! I think this is a great pattern that could appeal to a lot of people. The sleeve detail is cute, but minimal, and easy enough to leave off . This could be a really nice basic t-shirt pattern, and it would coordinate well with a lot of things for a summer wardrobe. It is a great mix of unique detail and wardrobe basic that is really hard to pull off all in one pattern.

On the other hand, we have the selection for the BWTF award this month:

Off the shoulder sack dress! Ok, so this dress really isn’t bad at all. But of everything I think it is the bottom simply due to the level of boring it achieves. The neckline is cute, but won’t be practical for a lot of people due to the lack of bra-friendliness. Aside from the shoulder detail, there isn’t much to recommend this dress beyond its having pockets, and that’s not really enough to keep it out of the bottom this month.

And with that, another month of Burda in the books! On the whole I have to say I’m pretty bored with the designs in this issue; nothing is really jumping off the page at me. There are certainly things I think I’ll appreciate having in the pattern collection (like most of the simple top patterns), but this is probably the least excited I’ve been for an issue so far this year. What do you all think? Is this magazine giving you all the summer sewing patterns you’ve been looking for? Or are you as bored as I am? As always, feel free to discuss in the comments!