Jordan: Awaken Your Senses

Welcome to Jordan, the land of prophets; ancient cities; and dramatic desert landscapes. Whether your idea of the perfect getaway is floating in the Dead Sea or trekking through Wadi Mujib, you’ll find everything and more in this incredible country!

Open a hidden door to the past, let your senses awaken, and discover a wonderfully unique culture. From the bustling city centre of urban Amman to the impressive ruins of civilisations once forgotten, Jordan is a unique destination that will help you embrace the beauty of life and make you feel alive again.

Touch the soft grains of desert sand. Hear the melodic call to prayer. Smell the fresh, clean air filled with hints of wild sage. See the brightly coloured coral reefs. And taste the bold spices and fresh flavours of the Jordanian cuisine. Feel your senses awaken as you immerse yourself in the wonders of Jordan.

Explore all that Jordan has to offer and get inspired by our exciting footage. When you’re ready to start planning your own Jordan adventure, visit TourRadar – we have something for everyone!

Awaken Your Senses:

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