There are some aspects of fashion that remain unchanged because they have earned their place there through sheer cheek and staying power. One of these we would like to believe is the kind of style and fashion features that are subtle and pack a teasing punch. If we were to start naming all of them, this would give rise to a lot of arguments and discussions, which is why we are only going to be talking about one of them – the split leg dress- in this article. You must have come across hot and happening slit dresses that have ruled the roost for a long time. Why do you think they work so well and for such a long time? We feel the secret of their staying power lies in the fact that they touch a part of the onlooker’s being that is the most stimulating – the imagination. The fact that one has to keep looking to catch a glimpse of what is underneath makes it more interesting than if it were displayed blatantly.

If you are still not convinced, then we give you the sizzling and sensual super hot surplice tops that play up the cleavage. They are better than going without a top because they promise and invigorate rather than reveal fully. The same is the case with split leg dresses – you will be able to get a view of the legs but not all the time. Another case in point to mention here would be sensual backless dresses that do almost the same thing but maybe a bit more obviously.

There could be a doubt in your mind; what is the difference between split and slit? Well, while we cannot confirm this, we can always make an educated guess. Which is that a slit would be the cut in the dress due to necessity but the split would be for the express purpose of showing off the leg. This translates to the fact that a slit in the dress or skirt would be in the kind of fitting is so tight that only having this feature would enable it to move. But the split could also be dresses or skirts that have a lot of fabric and would be more of a feature for fashion or for enhancement rather than necessity. Another kind of split that you may come across is a lot more radical and would require you to be really brave to pull off – which is a pair of pants in which one side is made of one fabric and the other in an entirely different fabric.

But in most instances the split would be in the dress for the express purpose of the wearer wanting to show off her legs and not for the sake of mobility. Found mostly in long dresses with a generous skirt, the split can be as modest or as daring as the wearer and the designer would want it to be. It goes without saying that if you are planning to wear a split dress, then the point is to ensure that your legs are toned and groomed. And it is also important that you have the attitude and confidence to carry off a dress like that.

If you take a look at the images we have given along with this article, you will realize that the split dress can have more than one split and that the hem can also be of different types. And you will realize that if you want, you can have a split even in loose trousers or jumpsuits if you want to make it interesting and exciting.

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